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    Originally posted by pearlstreet View Post
    The fact is that a smart check would theoretically work on any size or type roho or any other air cushion because it is measuring air pressure. It doesn't know if its a 2 inch or 3 inch or 5 inch cushion, pressure is pressure no matter what it is contained in.
    Only if you open the gang valve so all ports are connected; otherwise you need 4 sensors, one for each quadrant.
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      Originally posted by Oddity View Post
      Is there a point to this device if one can do their own hand checks? Seems like a needless complication unless hand checks aren't possible (e.g. high quad).
      Yeah, my daughter can't do her own hand checks. She can push the button on the Smart Check though. I'm just being overly cautious in doing a hand check. Right now I'm pretty comfortable with her just using the Smart Check.