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I-Glide battery charge, or Next, even Tailwind

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    Originally posted by maddog View Post
    I think they may go bad if they sit dead for a long time, like there might be an internal battery on the circuit board that goes dead if the main battery stays dead for an extended time.
    This maybe. The first battery I had rebuilt the lights didn't work and the guy that helped me rebuild said, "there maybe a battery that runs them that is dead and might recharge and start working after a charge or two. Sure enough at the next charge it started working.


      I have finished my last box and the lights also don't work but I don't think it has anything to do with lithium conversion. I have found 3 solutions to switch to lithium although I have only tried one. All of them would use the same 18650 battery cells so they should perform similarly but I can't verify that.

      1. The best finished result is the one I did using the Vruzend kit. It is a little more work but gives you bluetooth battery in a small box. I used Sanyo GA cells that worked better than the LG MJ1 but Sony VTC6 is also an option. This configuration will give you 6-7ah.
      Click image for larger version

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      2. Another solution is just buy a good quality battery pack like this. This battery should work but will not have bluetooth but that may not be important to you. This would be the easiest way to go.

      3. If you want an easy to assemble pack with bluetooth you can buy this kit. Its only down side would be the larger size. The battery box would have to be taller than the other two options. This kit would allow for quick and easy battery cell replacement. You don't need the LED module.

      All three options would need a new larger lower half box, with 3 being the largest. You would also need to add a charge port and get a new charger.


        Hey guys, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It's been three years now (timed flies!) since I was able to buy two batteries from CRM for my daughters wheelchair, and hey...look at that...they were sued out of business, so I don't have the easy way out any longer. Unless anyone knows the company that was actually making the batteries for them? Lol...only half kidding there. *shrugs shoulders*

        Anyways....I went back and re-read all this building and re-building of batteries for the Tailwind/iGlide, and when it all comes down to it....there's just no way this guy could handle doing what you guys have done. Not a chance.

        My daughter (15 now!), absolutely loves her Tailwind...and now that her batteries are all on the way out...anyone interested in making any money on the side building a battery for her? I could send you an old one...advance you some money...whatever it is that you would need, I'd be more than happy to do it, so that I could make this happen for her....and I'm running out of options here. Any takers? Or alternate suggestions? Lemme know...thanks... Joe


          Joey, I can probably help you you. I sent you a PM