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    Originally posted by maddog View Post
    I think they may go bad if they sit dead for a long time, like there might be an internal battery on the circuit board that goes dead if the main battery stays dead for an extended time.
    This maybe. The first battery I had rebuilt the lights didn't work and the guy that helped me rebuild said, "there maybe a battery that runs them that is dead and might recharge and start working after a charge or two. Sure enough at the next charge it started working.


      I have finished my last box and the lights also don't work but I don't think it has anything to do with lithium conversion. I have found 3 solutions to switch to lithium although I have only tried one. All of them would use the same 18650 battery cells so they should perform similarly but I can't verify that.

      1. The best finished result is the one I did using the Vruzend kit. It is a little more work but gives you bluetooth battery in a small box. I used Sanyo GA cells that worked better than the LG MJ1 but Sony VTC6 is also an option. This configuration will give you 6-7ah.
      Click image for larger version

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      2. Another solution is just buy a good quality battery pack like this. This battery should work but will not have bluetooth but that may not be important to you. This would be the easiest way to go.

      3. If you want an easy to assemble pack with bluetooth you can buy this kit. Its only down side would be the larger size. The battery box would have to be taller than the other two options. This kit would allow for quick and easy battery cell replacement. You don't need the LED module.

      All three options would need a new larger lower half box, with 3 being the largest. You would also need to add a charge port and get a new charger.


        Hey guys, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. It's been three years now (timed flies!) since I was able to buy two batteries from CRM for my daughters wheelchair, and hey...look at that...they were sued out of business, so I don't have the easy way out any longer. Unless anyone knows the company that was actually making the batteries for them? Lol...only half kidding there. *shrugs shoulders*

        Anyways....I went back and re-read all this building and re-building of batteries for the Tailwind/iGlide, and when it all comes down to it....there's just no way this guy could handle doing what you guys have done. Not a chance.

        My daughter (15 now!), absolutely loves her Tailwind...and now that her batteries are all on the way out...anyone interested in making any money on the side building a battery for her? I could send you an old one...advance you some money...whatever it is that you would need, I'd be more than happy to do it, so that I could make this happen for her....and I'm running out of options here. Any takers? Or alternate suggestions? Lemme know...thanks... Joe


          Joey, I can probably help you you. I sent you a PM


            Hi guys (maddog and Fast Joey, most recently) -

            I’ve just stumbled into this thread, and I’d like to offer my help, if it’s needed.

            My wife has been in a wheelchair for 15 years, and has been using iGlide/Next/Tailwind chairs for the past decade. Like you, Joey, we were recently affected by Clinton River’s misfortunes - we’re running out of batteries that’ll hold a charge.

            I’ve been working on Sandy’s chairs and accessible vehicles for a long time now (I recently managed to get a driver-side, EZLoc-equipped Tailwind into a Honda XWAV), and I’ve got a batch of carcasses and spare parts for all three iterations of the Tailwind.
            I’ve got another project going right now, but as soon as that’s finished I’m going to read through all 14 pages of this thread and start following maddog’s battery-modifying directions (I’ve got a batch of old, dead iGlide batteries and some newer ones for the Tailwind.)

            If I can help anyone with spare parts, or - when I’ve absorbed some of maddog’s expertise - rebuilt batteries, please let me know.


              Go for it won't regret it. I'll just say that yes, maddog WAS able to help my daughter and I out, and this new battery is phenomenal.It was a game-changer for us. What's wild is that even though it's a bigger battery, it's less than half the weight of the old battery. And...even better than that, now she goes to school in the morning and after using it all day, it's STILL at 70% or so. I TRIED to let maddog know just how much his help was appreciated, I hope he truly understands that. But yes....BUILD ONE if you're capable!


                Hi, i'm from the UK, been having a major problem like all trying to source a Tailwind battery. I have over the years purchased 5 batteries and non of them now hold charge. I do not know how I can get them going but regardless I feel i'm wasting my time with them now.
                I have read through this tread with great interest and feel that this is my only avenue to take in powering my Tailwind and to keep me going.
                I think I need to build a battery and follow one of Maddog's designs posted here. Would be nice if /i can ask Maddog kindly to PM me, if he can assist in my quest to build one.


                  I will gladly help in any way I can, what questions do you have? What are your needs as far as capacity, does a new tailwind battery get you through a day? What design are considering?


                    Hi Maddog, thank you for your prompt reply. My Tailwind battery as it was, it just about saw me through the day when I use to work. Saying that, about 5 to 6 hours was spent more or less stationery at my desk. I was told the Tailwind battery would give approx 9 miles but don't believe I ever had that range out of one, but had to always use a backup on long distances or day outs. If I could double up on the range, then that would help and also on quicker charging time if possible, but that's not important if the range is improved. I do like the sound of the battery you did for Fast Joeys daughter, buy would like Bluetooth on it if the LED's do not work, just as a guide on what charge and capacity is on the battery at any one given time. Also my weight is around approx 83 kg's which probably has some kind of bearing on the the battery and its range.
                    I also like the sound of an easy replaceable battery system. Anything really would help which i can easily build myself and keep me mobile in my Tailwind would help, as currently its out of use.

                    Kind Regards



                      My post above gives 3 options but after more studying I would advise against the third option because it is fused at 15A and the Tailwind can exceed that under very high load. That leaves you with building your own battery pack or buying a prebuilt 24 battery and installing it into your case. I am in the middle of converting my last battery over to lithium. The lights still work on it and I will be interested to see if they still work after the upgrade.
                      The battery that Joey has is about 6-7ah from 14 cells which is about the same as what the tailwind came with. It is a fairly easy build but left a lot of free space. I am trying to build a battery with 21 cells that would take up much more space but should be doable. This would give a capacity of around 10ah.
                      All of the options I know of require a deeper bottom to accommodate the bigger battery. I have designed a bottom that can be 3d printed that will fit the new battery. I can send you a STL file and you can have it printed locally or I can print it but shipping might be too high.
                      This is fairly easy to build but does take work, just getting the old battery open takes time. I don't know how good you are with tools or if you have a friend that can help but you will need to cut the old case open with a hacksaw. You will also need to drill holes and connect lots of wires. I say it is fairly easy from an expertise standpoint but can be somewhat labor intensive. You will need to be able to cut, drill, and strip wire ends and maybe even some soldering.

                      Also do you have a new tailwind with the power lights next to the on off switch or an older tailwind/iglide?


                        Hi Maddog, I have opened up one of the batteries a couple of years ago, but got no further as the batteries are electro welded, which i could not replicate, so I left it.
                        I think I'd be fine with drilling, cutting/stripping/soldering wires too. My Tailwind is the the first generation and does not have the power lights on the side.
                        Yes would be nice to see the outcome of your lithium conversion, fingers crossed it works as you would wish it to. As per the offer to sending me the STL file for the bottom box, be great but I still need to get my head around what option I want to take on board, as well as able to source everything needed for the project. Saying that I could wait and see the outcome of you lithium conversion if that is an even better option.
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                          I feel confident the 10ah 21 cell configuration will work. I am waiting on a few parts but looking at it right now I don't see any problems. Believe it or not the most challenging thing is finding room for the charge port. If you look at the picture above (post 197) you can see on the bottom left I was just able to squeeze the wires past the bms. I won't have that space on this build. I found a few right angle barrel connectors that I hope will run the wires along the side.
                          In the pictures below I will have enough free space in left hand side of the lid to put 3 cells. With two rows of 9 cells below that should work. These are old broken top of a case and a failed bottom print that I use to mock up different designs.

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20201022_153911480.jpg Views:	0 Size:	159.7 KB ID:	2903834 Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20201022_154305449.jpg Views:	0 Size:	142.7 KB ID:	2903835


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                            I'm confident that you will achieve the best and ultimate build so far to date. Saying that these are the only builds i've come across to date.

                          Curious to see how this turns out!

                          Sidenote...still loving this battery, it's working great. It seems my daughters new chair is still a few months away, what with all the red tape I need to deal with, and all the hoops I need to jump through...fingers crossed it keeps doing its thing!


                            I redesigned the battery box and printed it and put everything together. I still need to clean some things up but it works. I used my last old battery which was a Clinton River battery with lights that worked. I disconnected the old nimh batteries with two lights showing and quickly plugged in the lithium pack and the now the lights only show one red light flashing when the handle was pulled. I could not understand why the lights would not accurately show the battery level which was at 50% on the lithium pack. I charged some with the lithium charger in the port I added but the lights still showed a dead battery. I then decided to charge battery with the original iglide charger, which you should not do, but over time the lights did go up. I now have two lights showing. I thought the nimh bms calculated battery level by voltage but now I think it calculates it by counting ah in and ah out. I don't think the lights will ever work well with a new pack if that is the case. I will continue to try different things but the lights may never work with a new battery. This is only important with a new tailwind with lights on the power switch.
                            Click image for larger version

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                            Click image for larger version

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                              Wow the new battery is coming along nicely, can't wait to see once finished how it performs.