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Invacare MK6i Basic SD Card?

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    Invacare MK6i Basic SD Card?

    Long story short I've been using an Invacare TDX with tilt, recline, and the power legs and it had been working great for 6 years (it was rarely used.) Then we needed to have the batteries changed so we decided to have them fix or replace the joystick that was under recall from 2014 (this happened end of last summer, 2016.)

    Unfortunately ever since the joystick replacement when the chair sits unused for a week or more, when we turn it on (battery is always full/charged) we get a red screen some kind of configuration error:

    Followed by:

    Now in the past, shutting it off, letting it be 10 minutes, and turning it back on and it worked fine.

    Yesterday was the first time I got the error after being transferred to the chair. I was in a tilted and reclined position, I couldn't do anything. Luckily we have a programmer I had ordered off ebay years ago so I could disable the drive lockout when I was too far tilted. It took a while of trial and error but I finally figured out what I needed to fo to fix the settings.

    However what I really want to do is save it to an SD Card so if it happens again I can just reload from an SD card without needing the programmer.

    The programmer came with an SD card, I never looked at it at the time. When I went to try it, it is just a generic 128 MB SD card. I tried saving to it, it gave a fault. I checked the SD card in my computer it had two folders PRE2012 and POST2012.

    I know Invacare has a Basic and Professional SD card- do I really need to spend $50 and buy the card directly from Invacare? Is there some way to turn an ordinary SD card into a basic one that I could save the current settings to?

    I watched this video but it was mostly useless:

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    I found out to turn a regular SD card into a "Basic" SD Card you simply have to format it using FAT (not FAT32 or anything else) and create two folders.
    System, and then User as a sub-folder of System so: \System\User\

    You need a very old SD card, I used an old 32 Megabyte (YES MB, NOT GB) I had laying around. Any SD card over 2GB is probably SDHC and will not format as FAT. You want an old card, anything from 8MB to 1GB should be OK, the smaller the better though, no reason to waste space.

    Was able to store my current data without a programmer, just stick it in the USB port, turn on the joystick, use the joystick to choose "store to sd card" and wait. Whole process only took a couple minutes once I got the SD card properly setup.


      Thanks for sharing the solution. I don't need the info, but someone else may in the future.
      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


        Turns out it really wasn't a solution. When it came time to load from the SD card it just errored out and was left in the same predicament. I can't save to or read from any SD card now. Had to call professionals to take a look at it.