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    Personally a fan of Permobil. I owned a couple Pride chairs previously. The number of problems i experienced with Pride chairs was staggering. They had to replace my chair numerous times. Many, many, many electrical problems. Chair actually started smoldering one time while just sitting in my living room. The programming of the chair was ridiculously bad. If they offered it for free I would not use their product. I know i'm ranting but I was left stranded(including in middle of busy street) by the chair so many times I developed severe anxiety. I couldn't go even several feet in my chair without my cell phone because I feared being stranded. I have been in a Permobil for 4 years and zero problems. I'm sure permobil is not perfect but the quality of the build seems so much better. Good luck with whatever you choose.


      If anyone wants to customize, improve, or do a home repair on a power chair, I recommend the forums on as a source of information. The people there are critical of all commercial power chairs, and build their own to the extent that they can. They will also tell you how to do things with charging and batteries which blow the doors off any chair you can buy. They are very opinionated, but they generally know what they are talking about.

      If you do not want to get stuck on ground that is steep, slippery or not perfectly flat (such as the crown of a suburban driveway), read the discussion on wheelchairdriver about the number and position of drive wheels. My summary cannot do it justice and I do not pretend to have expertise of my own, but it is less a matter of brand and more a matter of the specific model and its design. If you don't mind calling for rescue, or plan to restrict yourself to dry flat ground, then you need not care as much, but I expect most people would go more places in all kinds of weather, if they thought they could without getting stuck.

      If I were buying a powerchair, that is where I would get advice.