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MPJ+ Joystick Speed Control Too Easy

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  • MPJ+ Joystick Speed Control Too Easy

    This Invacare joystick is nice, but the speed control knob (on the right) turns too easily. My hand always ends up pushing it to max. The supplier says there is no way to give it more friction, to make it harder to turn. Has anyone solved this problem? If nothing can be done, I will just program the 4 speed modes as my only speeds and always drive on max.
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    Try putting a piece of tape on the side of it all the way across so it won't slip off.

    After thought: A tight band aid on the side would allow it to slip, yet might tighten it up a bit. Or put the band aid on top and adjust the speed from the side.
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      You could try removing the knob and looking for a different style of knob on eBay. Usually knobs are pushed onto a spline, or clamped onto a shaft by means of a grub screw. NB make sure you get the new knob in the correct orientation.

      Alternatively remove the knob and put a rubber or fibre washer between yhe knob and the housing. That should create some friction.
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