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e motion m-11 battery rebuild

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    Originally posted by bigtop1 View Post
    Rustyjames, you are exactly right. Just don't know how much heat it will take to ruin the battery. I looked at harbor freight and they have a small, pinpoint butane torch/solderer that they sell for around 15 dollars ....
    Sorry, that is a torch. It produces a flame. It will be too hot for your type of soldering. The other uses a micro flame to heat the tip nearly instantly for conventional soldering.
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      I found a place that rebuilds the M15 battery packs for $300 each:
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        Originally posted by bigtop1 View Post
        Anyway, I cannot get the tabs to stick to the tops of the batteries. Tried some soldier, also got crazy and tried the 12 volt car battery short circuit. I seem to be at a stand still until I can figure out what to do to get them to give me a good contact. Wonder if crazy glue would help.
        You will likely NOT be able to get enough heat into the point-of-contact (between cell and tab/wire) fast enough to fuse the two without also heating up the battery. Batteries do not like high temperatures (some chemistries will EXPLODE!). This is why a DIYer opts to buy cells with pre-welded tabs (the tabs let you apply heat farther from the cell, itself, and have a reduced "heat-sinking" capability... they don't allow the thermal mass of the cell to suck the heat away from your iron as quickly). But, they can pose other issues (mechanical interference, etc.)

        The "right" solution is to spot-weld the tabs/conductors to the cells -- which is what a battery manufacturer would do. Your "car battery short circuit" is an attempt at duplicating the very high LOCALIZED temperatures used when spot-welding. For most folks, the time/money to buy/build a welder is just not worth the effort (unless you are doing this OFTEN -- i.e., commercially).

        I am unfamiliar with the cell arrangement in this piece of kit (picture?) but suspect it is "unique" (i.e., not just a simple rectangular array of cells). Digikey used to offer a "battery making" service (buy the cells from them and they will assemble into a battery -- for a fee) but I've never availed myself of their service (easier to find alternative means of hacking together batteries).

        Is it possible, instead, to out-board the battery pack? Fasten some pigtails to the mechanism and use a more conventional "battery", externally? (I suspect the appeal of the device is the fact that the battery does not represent another "space problem")