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Low profile or high profile Roho?

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    Low profile or high profile Roho?

    Well the hospital GAVE ME a pressure sore when I got my baclofen pump. Never had one before. Time for a Roho. My PT is concerned about instability and wants low profile so I don't sit on base of back which I already seem to do a bit. OT wants regular high profile since she says people often still feel pressure on the low profile. Experiences?

    Hi Sheri, I work for ROHO / Permobil and happened to be reading posts on the CC Forum when your message was posted. I'll provide you with some information that you can use as the basis of discussion with your PT and OT. First, there is an option between LOW PROFILE and HIGH PROFILE, which is a MID PROFILE (MP) model. ROHO MP cushions have an inflated cell height of approximately 3.25". We have MP models in both our single value cushion line and QUADTRO SELECT cushion line. So this could be a good alternative for you. Second, since you stated your PT having concerns about stability, I suggest you look to trial a QUADTRO SELECT cushion. The QUADTRO SELECT gives you the option to isolate air into 4 independent air chambers, to increase seated stability. And on-the-fly you can always select the single compartment option if you happen to find that configuration more beneficial for you.

    Feel free to contact me directly off-line if you have any questions or would like additional information.

    Good luck!

    Tom Borcherding


      Hi Tom, I posted an issue I had a while back and would appreciate your assistance.


      Than you


        Hi Tony,

        I did post a response on January 5 to your original post, asking you to contact me directly. I would be happy to assist you. Here is my contact information:




          You also have to take into account the height of your current cushion as changing from one height to another can throw other things off.. Should you go from a cushion height of 3 or 4 inches to 2.25 which is the height of the low profile your seating as a whole will change. Your knees may sit a little higher ect... Depending on how adjustable your chair is you may have to get it adjusted to compensate for the difference in cushion height