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  • add electric motor to handcycle

    I have an older freedom Ryder. I cannot ride it uphill if the inclination is a little steep. Does anyone with experience adding electric motor to a handcycle? Or had installed a electric bicycle kit in a handcycle. Appreciate you can share such experience and recommendation. A new handcycle with the electric motor option is too expensive for me.

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    Hey. I did add a motor to an off-road hand cycle. It worked great and was pretty easy.
    I had purchased the wheel from ciclotek in Spain thrumtheir site, tho today I guess you have a wide choice in China thou Ali express, and they ship everywhere.
    i installed it on my front wheel, with very little modifications needed: since the wheel wa quite wide, I needed to change some spacers etc...
    nothing that a good bike shop can't help you with.

    there are some superb 1000 and 2000watt engines out there... you could go really crazy.

    good luck


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      I've been doing more recent quad elite builds with the bionx 500, its a beast. rep
      c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
      sponsored handcycle racer


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        One of our members designed this, not sure if still available-