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Long Term Storage of a Power Chair

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    Long Term Storage of a Power Chair

    Now that I am using my new power chair, I need to store my old one to be able to use it as a "life boat." My oldest power chair was stored in my garage covered with a lawn chair cover. But over the years, the large tires (an probably the casters too) developed a flat spot because the chair sat in one place all the time. I'd like to avoid that problem with the chair I am storing now. I've been trying to decide how best to put it up on blocks or leave it up on jacks for storage. The chair is an Invacare TDX-SP.

    How have you stored your "life boat" power chairs?

    Happy New Year,

    Just a suggestion, I have 3 power chairs and use one mainly, but I keep all 3 in the house and charge them regularly. I also use each one every week to ten days. All 3 were also bought used off Ebay and Craigslist.

    Hope this helps

    Happy New Year


      Like Mr. Buzzard posted Mama and I keep our main backup chairs in the house in spare bedroom. Main thing is keep charged. Don't know how old your backup is but newer chairs chargers they say help prolong life of batteries by cutting down on corrison build up inside. I have no clue what or if works. But, I use charger from my new charge on old ones.
      Also, they suppose be a charger now that is for long storage use, I haveno idea about it, just read about it on another site.

      I rotate my backup chairs trying run batteries down really good at least every month.
      We keep 2 older backups in garage and they get less attention due batteries are pretty much shot and I don't trust them to go anywhere but around sidewalk around our home. We can't afford new batteries for good backups so those are not alp to ever get replaced. Both need to go to donation but never got local folks out for them, yet.
      The flat spots on solid tires usually smooth out after using them awhile, especially in warm weather.
      "Good Luck!"


        I have heard it6 is best to store up on blocks so the wheels are free hanging.