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    Originally posted by Lavender lady View Post
    I bought my alternating mattress from Amazon for about 50. Bucks 2 years ago. It is made by drive medical. Absolutely love it. It is quite. No sores in 2 years and do not have to wake at night and change positions. Keeps me from waking up stiff and ache in the morning also

    Are you a quadriplegic? If so what level and are you in bed all the time or do you get out of bed sometimes? What are some of the features that it has that you find useful? What model is it if you remember can you please share the brand and model? I would greatly appreciate it.


      I am a t11,12 para, so I am out of bed most of the day. In bed about 9 hours reading and sleeping. I just looked at Amazon under alternating bed, brand is drive medical and it popped up on the first page, listed right now for 36.00 plus shipping. So well worth it. I will generally change position only once at night, going from sleeping on my side to my back. I know when I forget to turn it on I wake up very stiff. This one alternates every 5 minutes it has a dial to set it from firm to soft. I tend to sweat a lot so I just keep a bathroom towel under me. So mattress, air mattress, mattress cover, sheet and then my towel. I also like the towel under me since it is much easier to change every few days verses changing sheets, quick fresh change since I cannot get around my bed on both sides, plus a bit more protection since my cat loves to sleep on my bed during the day. For the price I found it a amazing deal. No pressure sores at all since my injury. I do not know if it is returnable if you find you do not like it. It took a week or so to get use to the air noise, but no different than having a fan in the room. I have a diffuser in my room also with my essential oils, neither make a noticeable sound anymore.
      I know I looked on drive medical website and it had been a lot more. There were many different ones much more expensive, but I figured to start low and go up if I needed. It maintains the air when off it. I have a cushion backer board that I use to slide with to and from bed just to keep from pushing the sheets over and keeping them smooth. Hope this helps.


        I didn't read the rest of the responses because I'm a little drunk on wine (sorry) ... but LAL and overlays are on ebay every day ... some for very good prices.
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          Originally posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
          This is not exactly true. My low air loss mattress was covered under Medicare's rent to own policy. Some DMEs rent used ones and take back Medicare covered ones if no longer needed.

          That is very good to know! Thanks for the info and thank you too nmireles. I do know what you're saying but it's no different than being in the hospital where you know they definitely don't clean the way they should after each patient. They say they do but they never do a thorough job. Same with a pulseox (however it said) they're supposed to clean it before/after every patient and they just go from room to room putting that thing on. Nasty! Anyway I do know there's places that rent them as you stated. My insurance company is supposed to be working with need to find out how it can be done.


            If you're still in the market, contact Star Medical. They are just outside Philadelphia and will take care of you. Excellent group.