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    Has anyone worked on a wheelchair lift?
    I have a RAM(trustlift) that seems like the gear box broke. I haven't taken it apart just yet since the motor and gearbox are out of my reach.

    I know the gearbox is a Baldor just not sure what the model number. Ram wants over 600 bucks for a new one. I think Baldor sells them for half. Also the Brass nuts used for the worm gear, Ram wants 60 bucks each I would love to know who else sells them.

    My thoughts are that Ram outsources many of its components and just assembles these lifts.

    I'm just sick of all these companies ripping us off because we have no other choice.

    If anyone has any information on this I would love to know. I will post anything I can find on this subject.

    McMaster & Carr sell the nuts and screw. Any brand gearbox with the same frame that will match up with the motor shaft and the same gear ratio should work. I agree, anything that is medical related, the cost is really increased.

    I just checked, they also sell gearboxes. If there is a scrap foundry near by, you might check it out. I've found unused gearboxes still on pallets, shrink wrapped with the tags still attached at the local yard. I've saved a lot of money buying metal and odds & ends from there.
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      I have looked at companies like Nook and Baldor for these screw type lifts.

      Nook is actually in Cleveland so thats nice.

      I plan to pull the lift and bring it into the garage to work on. I really want to change the gearbox(gear reducer) to increase the travel speed.
      For the price of a gearbox from RAM I can buy the motor and gearbox from Baldor. I understand speeding up the screw decreases torque or lifting power but I can also increase the motor Hp to compensate. My question is that will the speed cause problems with the screw r/t wear.

      The mechanics of this lift is very simple. I just hope I can experiment with my broken lift and possibly modify my inside lift that travels 10 feet and takes way too long. If I can speed up that lift I would love it.


        I also need a new gearbox for a Trus-t-lift. Did you find a solution from Baldor? Ram now says they have a solution but it is a few months out while they test it.


          So I actually was able to bring it into my garage and survey the problems. My issue was that the nut drove itself down to the bottom and wedged itself into the teflon base plate. Once I removed the base plate and the nut, The screw was able to move again with the motor as it should. The screw was stripped on the gearbox coupling side so I re-tapped and added another locking bolt into the coupling. This was the reason why the motor ran but the lift did not lift. All this because the limit switch failed to catch the platform and the screw ran till it seized the nut.

          So I also cut my lift in half since I only needed to lift 24 inches. My lift was able to lift 8 ft. These lifts are stupid easy to work on and all the parts are all off the shelf. I bought two new brass nuts for the lift only to find I could have paid half if I would have ordered on line. They are nothing special...wish I knew this before I ordered them from Ram. Also all the limit switches can be bought on amazon for one thing. The ACME screw is standard pitch I forget the size off the top of my head. I just cut mine in half ha!

          As far as the gearbox Baldor was the one in my lift and standard ratio. I could not find a faster reduction. I would pull it off and really check it I think its like 4-6 bolts to remove.

          Look at the gearbox for model numbers
          If you need more help let me know
          Ram sucks as far as help I had to learn as I went and was even able to fix a safety interlock which if you have them get something to stop the power to the lift when not in use. I bought a wemo Internet plug. Those interlocks get really hot just sitting and I was worried they might start a fire... temps around 180+ degrees

          Hope this helps

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