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Epic Soft Roll caster chips

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    Epic Soft Roll caster chips

    My husband has been using Frog Legs 4 x 1.4 Epic soft roll casters on his wheelchair.

    I've noticed that he loses chunks of the urethane tires at the edges within a few months of use. There's also some deep nicks more in the middle of the tires.

    Is there a risk of the whole soft roll separating from the aluminum ( kind of like a flat car tire if you keep driving) ?

    I would imagine so, eventually
    when his forks spin around, friction builds between the floor and the soft rubber
    that's when chunks catch and rip off
    all tires do it, just the chunks are miniscule on harder rubber

    I doubt the froglegs are contributing
    just get some new wheels and slap them on
    or have them available when he gets a "flat"


      Thanks beecee. I just ordered a pair online along with a set of those hair catcher attachments.


        I see chips along the edges of mine after a few years. Haven't ever dinged one in the center, though. I use single-sided 'forks' as well (can I call it 'fork' with only one tine?! ) and I've noticed the outside edge gets them with much greater frequency, being 'unprotected'.
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