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Motion concepts seating/ROVI base

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  • Motion concepts seating/ROVI base

    Does anybody have any experience with or knowledge of the Motion Concepts Designs ROVI base (mid-wheel)/Ultralow Maxx Modular System? Seems to be a comprehensive system attending to all details. I like the sliding rail system as the back reclines, eliminating shear and the reliable compatibility with all Invacare aftermarket backs.

    I was leaning towards the Permobil F3 but learned that the Ezlock bracket on the F3 is much lower than previous models and that people are getting hung up on things not previously a problem. This information came from EZ lock itself, as well as my special vehicle mobility dealer. He said that the company needs to do something about this, though I can only imagine the engineering that would be required to increase the height of the bottom of the base, yet not commensurately increase the height of the seating pan, thus making functional activities even more difficult.

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    I've been told that the issue is not necessarily one of ground clearance as the Permobil front and mid-wheel drives both have 3 inch ground clearance, as does the motion concepts system, but rather one of the position of the EZ lock bracket. The further the vertical pin is from the maximal radius of the wheel the greater the chance of snagging something. It seems that with the F3 the bracket has the pin further back from the front wheel drive wheels, creating a situation whereby the front wheels will ride up and over an obstacle and immediately thereafter the pin will catch. I've been told that proper bracket installation can alleviate this, though not completely. Mid-wheel drives have the pin more in line with the wheels and therefore when the wheels ride up and over an object, so does the pin. I'm waiting to hear from my Van dealer who has a client with an F3 problem snagging on thresholds to see what their solution is. Until then, I don't think I can/should commit to an F3, even though it was my primary choice. That is a tragedy, not to be able to choose your chair of choice because of this.


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      I have no experience with the Rovi. I have watched videos and thought the way the front caster arms articulate are reminiscent of the way the Magic Mobility V6 and X5 wheels lift to traverse obstacles.

      Motion Concepts have been long noted for their aftermarket seating innovations and are owned by Invacare.

      Rovi is made by Shoprider, known for their scooters and sit and go powerchairs.

      Shoprider appears to be part of Pihsiang Machinery Manufacturing Co. LTD. Taiwan.


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        Thank you for that information regarding Shoprider. With today's obsession with outsourcing and multisource manufacturing process it is good to know who is behind the guts of the power chair.

        I had never heard of this company, nor the machinery manufacturing company in Taiwan.