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  • Duette?

    I'm trying the Duette but it doesn't fit in my statlock.My question is what does Duette users use to hold it in place?

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    I use 3M Micropore tape.

    Statlock makes a stabilization device for 3 way catheters or you can secure just one of the balloon ports in a statlock device designed for two way catheters. See this video at about 1:10 into the video.

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    Statlock for 3 way catheters Part#BARFOL0105SEACH
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      Thanks so much for the fast reply!!


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        There are also other brands of securement devices for catheters than just the Statlock. Dale makes some nice ones that we use sometimes. You can find them on a Google search: search for "catheter securement devices".

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          The ONLY time I have ever used those type devices to secure my foley was in extended hospital stays. I have always used a velcro strap just above the knee with a velcro restraint for the drainage tube that connects the bag to the foley. I wasn't even aware of those type restraints until about 5 years after injury.
          BTW I am absolutely loving the duette foley. No build up, sediment, skin floaties, just clean, odor free urine. The urologist put the order in for my supplies when I went for my follow up visit on the 22nd of this month. Got them this evening...Box of 10 +2 singles of the duette, 6 leg bags, 6 cloth/velcro straps for the leg bags(I have always rotated two till they fell apart and ordered two more), 6 BIG night drain bags, rarely will use them, 75 feet of air-filled packing bags(yep, measured them lol) all in a 4x3x2 feet box! My buddy's son stomped the line from start to finish bursting them with extreme joy, then we burned them and the box on a fire I had going. 75 feet...WHO packs this stuff???
 link to the strap above, that is the black port of the duette sticking out, tubing connected to foley, strap above knee, legbag below knee
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            I shudder at the thought of relying on those to hold the weight of the tubing, legbag, if the legbag strap relaxes as mine do when the bag is full and I forget about it until I see it peeking out from under my pantleg. In the early years I always pictured my bladder dangling on the end of a bloody cath on the ground behind me.... Lollip0p!



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              Thanks everybody for your help.I was having leakage from my stoma area it started about three days after I had it placed.I waited to see if the leaking would stop it did but started back again,i had my urologist change it back to the regular sp tube and it hasn't leaked at all,has anybody had this type of reaction from the Duette?


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                The douette seems to be smaller in diameter vs other mfg/brands of the same size(french#) maybe that is a place to check? I know when I first changed to the douette after stone removal, when my bladder would get full and I would get up to empty my legbag(sleeping) I experienced leakage for about a week after changing. Doesn't occur now. I'm 20+ years with a foley cath.