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Are any quads using a zero turn radius mower?

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    I have the Lazer HP. It is a model number LHP5223KA. An amazing machine. I would never buy anything else after having this machine. Its not cheap but well worth the money. Their made for the commercial market but heavy steel deck and low maintenance. We use ours over a 100 hours a season so my blades are shot every year. This year I will replace some front tires and small deck wheels. It has a 23 HP Kawasaki engine. I would look at them but as I mentioned , they will cost more than others. Best of luck.


      Originally posted by Bob Sullivan View Post
      Doubtless you are far better off with an ATV. I cannot afford both conveyances, and it was from that standpoint I asked that question. I look at it from a distance, torque, and reliability in a fairly remote place, standpoint as well.
      My apologies, I didn't initially take it as you were coming from that standpoint. I'm sure what you're describing could be done and it would work much much better than the average power chair. But not as good as a dedicated off road power chair, which are also big $$$. If you end up doing anything like that keep us updated.


        Got a couple pictures but don't know how to post them.


          Here I am on my recently purchased Ferris IS600Z and I love it. I'm a para and I can easily transfer from my chair to my mower with very little effort. I bought the mower so me and my wife can make some part time cash on the weekends mowing lawns.
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            I'm a C5 quad and used a number of different mowers over the last 25 years (none being my own), and always needed assistance getting on. With that said, when I finally purchased one for myself, I went with the Hustler Raptor. It has a very low area on the left side between the handle and gas filler that you can transfer over to. Most times I can get on by myself, although it does have it's challenges at times if I'm dealing with bad spasms. It's a process of scooting over to the side panel and holding onto the hand control (in the forward position). Put my feet up on the mower deck (in the lowest setting), and then scoot back on to the seat. At this point I'm sitting side saddle, and grab each leg individually under the knee and lift up and over the hand control.

            If I'm having spasm issues, my son will help me out and grab the back of my pants and give me a boost up onto the side panel and swing my legs over.

            Getting off is another story. Due to the weight of my feet, it's harder to get my legs back over the handle (picture the heel of your foot hitting the back of your hamstring when you lift up on your knee). I usually incorporate my son or wife to help with this part, and they lift my legs over and set them on the mower deck. Scoot back out on the side panel, and drop down into my chair.

            Here's a link:

            I purchased through Lowe's. Unfortunately it's a special order and they don't have them in stock to try out for the transfer. I was able to try out my brother's, which was helpful. Maybe there's a dealer near you that you can visit?

            Lastly, if you do decide on this one, they make a 42" & a 52" in this model. The 52" is only $200 more through Lowe's. Worth the extra for a wider cut and bigger motor!
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