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    Need Tight Pressure Socks


    I need new pressure socks that actually fit. I used to buy Sigvaris before they got rid of a model for people with thin lower legs. Most likely because of costs.

    Anyways, my calves are just under 11 inches in circumference. Is there a pressure sock that has a 9-11 inch circumference calf?
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    Check out


      Both Jobst and Sigvaris also make custom fit compression hose.

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        this is the place where i get my compression stockings.
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          Hey Chef - what did you wind up getting?

          My Dad has the same problem as you. He is a tall guy with long legs/feet, but his calves are very narrow. He also used the Sigvaris stockings that were discontinued. He needs higher grade compression (at least 20-30, sometimes 30-40).

          Most of the new styles of stockings have more cotton/polyester, which make them look more "sporty" and casual. But we've found that the compression gradient is not as good in these, and the calf compression is not as good as the older fabrics.

          The custom compression stockings are so expensive that we are still hoping to find some off the shelf since insurance doesn't cover them. My Dad likes to have at least 8 pairs so that he can get away with washing them once a week, but that is not practical if they have to be custom made. But he may still need custom...