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Trouble Getting New Chair

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    Trouble Getting New Chair

    Ihaven't had a new wheelchair in like 20 years ....OK not totally true, I did get one 10 years ago but the guy got it all wrong and I can barely use it because the back is too flimsy and I can't balance that well. However they refused to reorder or fix it so technically I haven't had a new wheelchair (or a functional one actually) since I've been hurt in 92.

    trying to get one now has been difficult, to say the least.
    I am in New Jersey and I have Medicare and Medicaid. Apparently my Medicaid is under horizon which basically nobody takes. So I am rejected by most of the suppliers I have called. Then when I call insurance (Horizon NJ health) they tell me Medicare is supposed to pay for it.

    All I want is a new manual wheelchair that I can actually use....and an efix add on that turns it into a power chair since I don't have a van to carry around an actual power chair.
    To say this has been challenging is an understatement. My previous medical supply or DME used to just take care of all this but now they've expanded and become too big and important for me anymore.

    Anyone in New Jersey or anyone who understands the staff know what I can do to actually get what I need?
    I hurt my arm many years ago so I cannot push a manual chair without the power addon. So I was hoping to find somewhere to get the manual chair and the add-on together.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    I am a C5/6 hurt in an auto accident in 1992.
    Why do they make these things so difficult?!?!
    In 92 I thought I'd play safe & let my sober friend drive us home

    This is a Medicare provider list, you toggle equipment your looking for, /i've never used it but put my parent's old zip code in NJ and got 27 hits. Might be worth a try.
    ( and find list of DME providers in NJ then narrow down by zip code.)

    This site states it maintains a Horizon Medicaid provider list, I would use search term "DME" , for Durable Medical Equipment / wheelchairs. You put in your zip code and I did with a 25 mile radius of "08753" zip and got 10 hits. fill in all 4 boxes Service "Durable medical equipment provider"Zip code, radius, and county.

    Hopefully you have some luck with it. Can be tough finding a good DME
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      Erica; You should have a lawyer if your physical needs, were caused by an Auto accident. Did you ever file a claim against the Insurance company? At any rate you do need to get some good legal advice. People like me have opinions, but those are useless in Court. Get some legal help.


        bob most likely the statue of limitations has passed by now if a claim wasn't filed when the accident happened years ago. and even if it were filed years ago they most likely settled out of court and the case was closed years ago. erica i would follow what chesbay has suggested.
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          go here:

          read through it and it will be of great help to you.
          What kind of chair do you have that has a bad back? There are some smart people on here that may help you fix it.


            Thank you. I actually spoke to a Medicare person and they gave me a few names but it seems like nobody works with my Medicaid provider:. I've never had this problem in all my years being injured so it is making me a little insane.
            Thanks for your responses
            In 92 I thought I'd play safe & let my sober friend drive us home