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Accessible vehicle with better ground clearance

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    I had a 2005 Sienna with IMS conversion. I now have a 2016 Sienna with Braun. The new van has more headroom but less ground clearance than the last van. Last van would scrape occasionally, new van scrapes more often. Nothing serious but not something you don't like to hear. The low point is the exhaust pipe under the center area. If Braun had a little creativity with pipe shape and /or placement they could gain a half to 1 inch more clearance. I think the VMI's have better clearance but I can't get past how jacked up they look.

    Getting taller wheels/tires will increase clearance but for every inch you increase the diameter you only gain one half inch of clearance. Taller tires will cause your speedometer/odometer to be inaccurate.