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Quantum Q6 edge speed

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    Quantum Q6 edge speed

    I just purchased a Q6 with a Q-logic controller from a private seller. The chair is brand new and only has 4 miles on the odometer. Anyways I brought it home and tried it out. Everything works but it only goes 1.9 MPH.
    I dialed the speed to max and still same speed.
    I thought maybe it was the batteries but after a charge its still that same speed.

    does it need to be reprogrammed?

    How many Doo-Dads does the chair have? Lift, tilt, or what have you? I "think" you mighy find a sensor is not being properly contacted, telling he controller that the chair cannot be operated at an unsafe speed for that position.

    I wish I knew more about the Q-Logic programmer, It may tell you where the problem is. And of course it could be set at a low speed due to what somebody thought could be presumed to be a shaky operator. These are things we can never truly know, just assume.

    Added; Your speed and almost every control can be adjusted with a programmer. Unfortunately many vendors do not know how or why you might want to set your chair to suit yourself, so their unilateral decision may be; "I don't do this", "it is not legal to do it", "You do not have to be there when this is done", etc. etc.

    It is not illegal, you do have to be there, because how do you adjust it to your likes, steering speed, sensitivity, forward and back speeds, etc. etc. if you are somewhere else? Now for some folks, grandma or grand-pop may not desire speeds exceeding their reaction time, or maybe want it quicker. This can fix it so they are not timid to use it. Life is better when a guy like me can adjust these functions.

    Another thing is to simply use your chair, I bought an older used chair, it was reputed to be very slow, after some use and a program adjustment, it functions 100% better, quick responses to the stick. I think the grease had somewhat hardened and made the chair sluggish (my opinion only) because my programmer only could adjust it a few percentages quicker.

    Good luck with your purchase.
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      Thanks Bob The manual is horrible and very simplistic but just noticed that it has two "modes" p1 and p3 I will try p3 later that might be the fix.
      It has everything but the scissor lift. The feet raise,back reclines and the seat tilts. I see in the manual showing p4 I wonder how I can get those other modes hmmmmm.


        I have an Edge as well. By flipping the ON/MODE lever forward, I get P1, P2, P3 and P4. I have each programmed differently, P1 I use at home with an upper speed limit of 1.2mph. P4 maxes out at 4.5. These were set by my dealer after I'd used it for a while and decided what I wanted. The wheel on the right rotates to give you variability within each program setting.

        "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12


          Thanks Tom it looks like I only have two modes P1 and P3. Just tried it out in P3 and it now goes 4mph much quicker. I only have two modes would love to see how to open the other modes
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            I agree with others have said about getting it reprogrammed