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Padded shower bench recommendations?

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    The commode chair works best for me as I do my bowl program in the shower, but to answer your question no the opening is not to large. As i mentioned I have no idea why but I have not fallen transferring to this bench since I have owned it where before I would fall up to 6 times a year granted I transfer by myself without any assistance so falling is a hazard of the transfer. I will be reordering this chair before the end of summer. At $110.00 for two years I feel its a good buy for me.


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      I've actually been avoiding commode style shower seating for a while, but I guess it would make things easier to clean. The opening looks really wide on this though, have you not had any problems with it?

      Ah I'll keep that in mind for traveling purposes, but for my home, I definitely want something padded because I don't have much cushioning down south!

      Oh this idea is BRILLIANT! I might just do this, and that way I can get a more durable bench. That said, how do you go about keeping the mat clean? I know they have some foam style mats for extra cushioning, but I imagine those are hard to clean?

      Is what you're doing then buying these and unscrewing the pads for use on your existing bench then?

      So, I just put a new yoga mat cover on my shower chair and remembered to take a picture. It's pretty simple. I use three layers, but one is sufficient. The lowest layer does go under the seat on the ends. Then the seat is put in place and the thumb screws cinch it down. Any additional layers can be just placed on top or if you want you can use some duct tape, making a loop for double-sided stickiness, and place between layers. Go to a TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Ross (where I get mine). They are $9.99 and one mat can last years of cutting new layers. As far as cleaning goes - - most yoga mats are anti-microbrial these days (for those people who have the ability to sweat... lucky ducks). So, I never clean them. I shower usually twice a week and the soap from that keeps it clean.
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        Look on for your padded shower bench. I just bought one