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Adding after market seat elevation to Permobil C300?

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    Adding after market seat elevation to Permobil C300?


    My sons Permobil C300 does not have seat elevation, something he really wishes Medicare or I would pay for, but I don't hold out hope for either. I am finding seat elevation kits for reasonable prices.

    Is there a reason I shouldn't have my handy mechanic-y friend attempt this? I guess I should add he does not have a back up chair.

    I don't know about after market seat elevation kits, it does sound like a highly dubious proposition. That said, I have an elevator on my Permobil and it's quite useful.
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      Mommy cares;

      If you can find a guy that has good mechanical/electronic savvy and you think this is necessary I see no other way to accomplish this. But this being his one and only chair getting something like this done in a day is unlikely. He needs a back up.

      Factory built seat lifts have electronic safety locks, within their controllers, that prevent either too much speed or even may prevent any movement when the seat is elevated. This is for tip over prevention when the seat is elevated. Lots of things to think about, and do, stuff a normal mechanic, or you may not consider.

      Perhaps you can find an inexpensive used power chair that you can use rigged in the ways you require. it is likely you will need a donor chair to create a lift for yours.


        Sounds like good advice all around. I got hopeful when I found the seat elevator controller in the accessory box that came with his chair and it got me thinking.

        Thanks for offering voices of reason!


          I think maybe you really need to have someone who has more practical knowledge of these chairs to see if your chair has one installed already. Why would an elevator controller be included if the chair does not have that capability? Think about it.