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Sitting on Jay Active after Flap Surgery

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    Sitting on Jay Active after Flap Surgery

    Had the Flap done on both my right and left ischium in December. Doctor said I could I could just begin sitting up this past Wednesday. He ( to my surprise) said I can begin sitting up for an hour a day. That is for 3 months.

    I do have a Roho cushion but it is about 2 inches too long and it pulls me up a little and when doing my pressure relief I can not get up high enough. So I am using my Jay Active for now.

    I am currently in a nursing facility and can not get a new cushion until I am home. Also I am not do for a new cushion until August. So I am stuck.

    My question is can I get by with the Jay Active?

    Doctor was not in his office when I called and will not be in until Tuesday.

    Thinking I can get a faster answer here.

    You may want to post this is in the equipment section

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.




        BigE this is a very personal decision that has a lot of factors. The first issue to address is whether you know what led to the pressure sores and if it had anything to do with the jay active. If it did, I would highly recommend not sitting on it. Second, what type of chair are you in, manual or power and if it is power does it have tilt where you can take the pressure off your IT bones? If it is power and has tilt you need to be at least 45 degrees to relieve pressure but that could maybe compensate for the cushion. Third, insurance has timelines for cushions but there is generally an exception when there is a change in your conditioning warranting a cushion early. A sore requiring flap is certainly in that category and qualifies you for a pressure relieving cushion for high risk.

        i am not in the medical profession but from an sci standpoint you need to consider your options carefully. Is it worth not healing properly after your flap? If you need a better size cushion to relieve pressure and get you back home and up long term then fight for it. Make the necessary phone calls and subsequent appeals if necessary. This is your life and future and you are the only one that can say for certain what is best in your situation. If you are concerned about the jay but it is your only option then break your times up throughout the day for sitting and keep it between 15-20 minutes per session until you get what you need so you can heal.


          Hi there Kris, thanks for your input. Sorry for the wait there is no WiFi in my room here and I have had to wait for my data to reset.

          I have been getting up having to use my Jay Active and it hasn't been a very good start. Each I have gotten up these past couple weeks has been 2 hours and more. It never starts out that way of course but so far I am good. I do several pressure reliefs during that time staying up for up to or very close to a minute each time. And almost every time when I get back in the bed I get on my stomach and hook my ankle with a mobility leg teacher and move each leg for a half hour. Most days I will do that several times through out the day anyway. It helps a lot with circulation. But even so I still need to manage my time better. No excuses for that.

          I have come to the conclusion that I will be going home either next week or early the week after. It be roughly a month early and home is home. And hopefully I can get a new Roho sooner than I am do.

          I use a Tilite ZR with a Jay Back. I got it 2 months before I went to the hospital at the start of my Osteomyelitis but could not use it for a month due to the camber being too far out. I really like the chair but there are some days I do not seem to sit correctly in it. Another thing I have been meaning to get looked at when I was not in a hospital or nursing facility.

          As for what caused the wounds, that is a story among itself that I have posted on here before. To try and make it short I developed 2 wounds on my left and right ischium very shortly after my accident after leaving rehab. The commode was too narrow and could not get one of the arm rests up. Suppositories take forever to work and I was sitting on the commode for hours with no pressure relief. Confused and frustrated and everything being very new to me I did not know what to do at that time (This was 13 years ago now). I healed the left wound fairly fast at about 2 years but the right side wound did not want to go anywhere. I avoided the Flap for the reasons of having to stay in the bed for months and mostly When the doctor told me that there is a better chance of the skin breaking down. It took me a long time but I was 1.3cm's away from it closing on it's own until I took a chance with the wound vac and me thinking by doing the same things I was doing that was healing it would help it along. It didn't and I was back to square 1 again. The new wound on my left side again was started from getting into my car. A problem that is now solved. For the car at least.

          Tried to make it short but never do.