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Q7 tie-down points?

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    Q7 tie-down points?

    A few days ago I received my new Quickie Q7 chair/extender. It's really great, except that I can't find any tie-down points for when I travel by paratransit. The seat back has a grab bar (I think Quickie calls it a "towel bar"), but it's way too high for a safe tie-down, and will probably wreck the adjustable back if used for tie-down points. The minimal frame does have a crossbar, but it's right up under the seat, inaccessible to van drivers. There are couple of ~3/8" crossbars (that appear to be attached to the Extender plates) that seem too light for the tension of tie-down straps. In front, the place where the frame attaches to the offset caster tubes might work, but I'm still worried about racking the frame.

    Can any Q7 user who uses paratransit or buses help me figure out where I can tell the drivers to attach the tie-downs? I'm in a bit of a panic, 'cause I've got to go to a wound clinic on Tuesday. Thanks, fw

    My TiLite's (AeroZ1 and TR3) have no official tiedown points either, so I assigned some. For the front I just use the frame. For the rear I had custom straps made by StrapWorks which still has my design on file as shown circled on the attached invoice. If you order, you can change colors, length etc.

    I slip one end loop of each strap over the camber tube and use the small elastic straps to keep the other end loops from dragging and reachable by driver. Transit hooks fir into the aft loops. This system works great!

    Sadly, lead time is several weeks.
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      chasmengr - Your TiLite frame designs are pretty much like the one on one Quickie, so your experience gives me some confidence that I won't wreck the chair tying down in the same way. I'm going to see the safety guy from my local paratransit outfit in a few days, and I just found out that that I can get so-called transit fittings to fit the chair, which pretty much attach as yours do. Thanks for the help! - fw


        Sunrise now tells me that the transit option is not available for the 5R and other similar series for chair/Xtender packages. Hard to believe that they would neglect to provide for tie-downs on such outdoor, active chairs. Go figure. Anyway $315 is too high for a set of chain links. The safety guys of my paratransit provider judged tying down from the seat-back crossbar to be unsafe, as the seat posts on the 5R and Q7 series variable-angle backs are not welded to the rest of the frame I worked with the paratransit crew to jury-rig the tie down to the underseat cross member that *might* work. We'll see how well the van drivers will handle that next week, when I start taking rides around town. - fw