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Specs on data ports on an Invacare Ranger II MWD?

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  • Specs on data ports on an Invacare Ranger II MWD?

    I am trying to use a Invacare wheelchair as a base for a robot for an AI class I teach. I need to connect up a PC to the chair to control it.

    The chair is a Ranger II MWD with a MKIV- RII joystick. The motor controls is model 1068078 and it has two round ports besides the port the joystick is connected two. I am looking for any specifications on these two ports.

    One is a 4 or 5 pin, round port just below where the joystick wires connect to the controller. The other is a 8 or 9 pin, round port at the bottom of the motor controller.

    I have reviewed the user manual for the chair and search the web, but can't find anything on either of these ports. I have seen reference to a serial data port for Invacare chairs, but no specifics.

    Any information on either of these ports would be helpful.

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    Try this group:
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