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    Ostomy Supplies

    Hello, it's been awhile since I've posted on here so I'm hoping I'm not putting this in the wrong forum. I would like to get some feedback from others who have colostomy's as to where they get their supplies? I use a Hollister two system and I'm in the process of switching suppliers from A-med/Byrum (sp) to Duke Medical Supply.

    I was told D.M.S was a little cheaper

    For a lot of years A-med let me file a hardship claim so I didn't have to pay the 20%. Now however they no longer give me that luxury even though nothing has changed for me financially. And as all of you who have colostomy's know the supplies are not cheap and that 20% adds up quickly!

    So I was just curious as to where everyone else got their supplies?
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    #2 I use this company. Fast service and good prices.


      I have been using Duke for several years. They handle all the Medicare paperwork. I have not seen anything about them offering any kind of discount, but they have been very reliable and helpful. It seems to me that the minimal reimbursement payers like Medicare an Medicaid pay giving a discount would be hard for suppliers.
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        Sterling medical which is now McKesson. They are great.
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