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Rear-wheel to front-wheel drive

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  • Rear-wheel to front-wheel drive

    Next week I will be trying out a Permobil F3. For 20 years I've used a rear wheel drive power chair. The therapist warned that would be quite a transition. Can anyone who has made the switch give any feedback or hints on how to make the transition smoother?

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    For starters, have them turn turning speed and acceleration down really low in relationship to fore/aft.


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      I prefer BY FAR the rear wheel drive power chairs. Mine are among the shortest and this is very necessary for use in my older home. I also do not use foot rests in the house, due to the length. I wear leather soled moccasins with considerable inner cushioning, so my feet slip across the floors.

      Many folks "say" mid-wheeled chairs are easier to maneuver, I do not find this to be true. However, most rear wheeled drive are front heavy. Moving the seat a half inch or a tad more back often can resolve this issue, just be careful not to place the seat so far back as to make it tippy going up hill. I have enough control of my trunk to shift forward when going up hill, this also resolves such problems. But that is me, really only you can know what suits your particular situation.

      Mid wheeled drive chairs tend to bridge the powered wheels off the ground when you are in the back yard, or on lawns. I have also had them get stuck getting into a HP access bus, when this bridging occurs. Where the front and rear tipper wheels are the only ones making contact with the driving surface. Good Luck with your purchase.