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The cure for being cold

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  • The cure for being cold

    Since I was injured I have always been cold and miserable in the winter but I have finally found the solution, a heated jacket. There are a lot of battery powered heated jackets on the market but none put out much heat and they don't last long on a charge. I then found that Milwaukee, Bosch and Dewalt all make 12v battery powered heated jackets so I got a Milwaukee 2 months ago and love it. It's a jacket that is not overly bulky so it does not interfere with pushing a wheelchair, I also can keep the house temp much lower. The battery last about 2 hours on high which is ok but not great, you can upgrade to a bigger battery. You can also buy a cigarette lighter power adapter which is what I ended up doing. I run mine off of my power assist wheelchair battery all day no problem. Good jacket with the battery, great jacket with the power adapter.

    I did A LOT of research on these and tried several because they are all very different, so if anyone is interested I will post more.

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    Do you have to worry about being burned? Which one would you choose if you had to use jacket battery and how much does battery weigh? Had no idea they had these Thanks i will consider...


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      I don't think you have to worry about getting burned because they don't get all that hot. They do not get as hot as a heated blanket or a heated motorcycle jacket. They also only heat top front of chest and top of back, on my chair there is no heat below the backrest, mid shoulder blade down.

      The batteries are same that run their tools like drills and you can check them out in any hardware store to get a sense of weight. I would get the bigger battery for longer life, M18 vs M12 for the Milwaukee. All the batteries and jackets use the same connector, you can use Bosch battery in Milwaukee jacket. The Bosch battery is the smallest size wise but the Milwaukee has a gauge which comes in handy.

      I tried the Milwaukee and the Bosch and did not try the Dewalt. The Dewalt's battery pocket is a little too far back in my opinion. I was worried it would cause issues with my backrest so I never tried them. If you run the jacket without a battery off the cigarette adapter that would not be an issue. The Milwaukee battery is on the side and does not interfere with my backrest but if you have any lateral support it may.

      The Bosch in my opinion is the nicest looking but no extra features like the two other brands. The Milwaukee M12 jacket that I have also has separate pocket warmers and some of the Dewalt jackets have heated collars which I think would really feel good. The on off button on the jackets are easy for me as a quad to use. The button does light up bright at night and you have to constantly explain why your jacket has a light. In the bright sun it is really hard to tell if it is on or not. The Dewalt and all the camo jackets have the button on the inside which is not ideal for a quad.


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        I have a heated jacket liner and socks from Gerbing. Best thing ever for watching football at Lambeau field! 1


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          Originally posted by Prerun View Post
          I have a heated jacket liner and socks from Gerbing. Best thing ever for watching football at Lambeau field! 1
          I almost got that same jacket but decided my little 30ah power assist battery would not last long with any motorcycle jacket. A power chair should have 100 - 150 amp hours. That jacket list amps at 6.4. I put a watt meter on my jacket and it pulled 1.8 amps with everything on high. That leaves me plenty of power to run my jacket and motors on my chair. The battery powered jackets just can't compete with the heat that the non battery, plugin jackets can produce.

          You run yours off power wheelchair batteries?


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            If I am using it for short periods of time, I use my battery pack. If I am watching the game at Lambeau Field or if I am at the ice races, I'll plug into the chair. I've had my jacket liner and socks on for nearly 3 hours while plugged into my wheelchair and had no problem.


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              My wife has the Milwaukee jacket and she loves it.


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                Went on the site (Milwaulkee) can someone explain the difference between the "kit" and the jacket / Do you need to buy both?


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                  I think the kit comes with the jacket, battery, battery adapter and charger. If you already have a battery and charger you can just buy the jacket and power adapter.

                  Check your local Home Depot and see if they have any in stock, fit is important. A heated jacket should fit tight and works best without much layers underneath. I am 6' tall thin with long arms and had to get a small. You may want to just buy the jacket and then try different size batteries at a local store. Bosch only has one size battery, Milwaukee has the M12 and M18 batteries but they take different adapters, the Dewalt has two battery sizes that also share the same adapter.

                  Link to Milwaukee adapters

                  Dewalt adapter fits 12v and 20v battery

                  If you buy the Milwaukee M12 jacket kit it will come with everything you need but if want to upgrade the battery you will need to buy the m18 battery, the m18 battery adapter and charger. The M12 battery only takes about 20 minutes to recharge. If you know your going to upgrade to the bigger battery then just buy the jacket.

                  Two videos that explain things better.