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  • Quickie qm-710 questions

    I have MS and have had this chair about six months. I've got tilt and recline, but not lift. It came with abductor knee pads. The tiny pads themselves fall off often. I self-cath by raising my legs up, so i have to turn one of the knee pads down to get my knees apart. I couldn't easily reach the button to turn it down. I noticed it was attached to the chair on a track, so i had my caregiver try to move it. But it actually couldn't be reattached on the track. So she put it back where it was, and it subsequently fell off. I can't find any manual for the ab pads. Just the chair as a whole not including the pads.

    Does anyone have any experience with these pads.?

    And I have lots of other questions to like the controller seems flaky sometimes., The arm rest will not stay level, and doesn't flip out of the way correctly, it stammers whencoming out of tilt, the calf pads move out of place, the footplate ....etc

    yes, my dealer should help, but i really don't want to be totally dependent on them. I've got the tools, i want to fix some of these little things myself.