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TRA or ZRA : What is your choice?

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    TRA or ZRA : What is your choice?

    Hi! All,

    I almost made my mind on either ZRA or TRA tilite for my new chair. I was looking for an Icon chair but could not get in touch with Icon people. One of the Icon sales representatives promised to contact me but did not call me for almost a month. I think I lost my patience. I emailed Jeff too but had no luck.

    Since this is my first order for a new chair, I learnt that I'd better go with a chair that I can adjust after reading threads here many times. I also learnt lessons painfully from my second hand TR which turned out too narrow to me. It is also too high and dump is just one inch so that I feel so tired after using it more than one hour.

    Anyway, I cannot decide between ZRA and TRA. I read a lot of treads here and found that people seem to prefer ZRA or TR but TRA. Why?
    TRA looks better because its tube is slim but one downside is it is slightly heavier, 10.7 lbs = ZRA, 11.1 lbs = TRA. Since I have no problem with my A4 titanium (I think it weighs 14lbs - please let me know if I am wrong), I think I would not have much problem with handling TRA. I put my chair in the car trunk so a dual tube frame does not bother me.

    Any difference between two that I did not notice? Any suggestions are welcome. Please!

    Jon Jungsik
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    Hi Jon, the difference in weight is not that much so I wouldn't worry too much about that. We talked a bit last time you were up on the differences of the two. For myself, having owned both and still have them, I really dislike the ZRA because of the bigger tubing. It made gripping the frame for transfers more uncomfortable. The Tr series is, imo, much sleeker looking and seems to ride smoother than the Zr series.

    Once I dialed in the ZRA, I went with the Tr2 and3. I'll never go back to a ZR mainly for the reasons above.

    I'm surprised Icon hasn't contacted you. Their customer service seemed to be top notch. Perhaps they've gotten to the point like other manufacturers have, Tilite especially; where they've gotten so big the customer service goes down in quality. I hope not.

    If you end up going Tilite, i really recommend the Tr series over the Zr. It was good meeting you I trust you are doing well. Anything I can do to assist, don't hesitate; especially if you are paying for the chair yourself.


      Patrick, the larger tubing on the ZR series is exactly why I like it so much! I feel as if my weight during transfers is distributed over larger portion of hand, which is more comfortable for me. But totally agree in your advice to Jon that the weight difference between two designs is negligible. Jon, from my demo-ing both, I think the TR series is more efficient in transferring your stroke to forward motion, but ZR series seems to absorb vibration better if you have neuro issues as I do. Really is a personal choice...


        Thanks, Patrick and WaveWolf,

        Good to hear that TRA is a smoother rider. It is new and important information that I did not know. I seem to overcome the weight related worries. I double check issues that I did not know before I finally make an order. So, your feedback is really helpful. Vibration seems no important issue to me because I seat in the chair 2-3 hours a day and use it on well paved roads most time.

        Some other questions I also want to ask are

        1. In terms of adjustability, I see they look the same: both can adjust rear and front heights. Is my understanding correct?

        2. Dump

        I want to show my old chair because I feel comfortable with seating in it. Unfortunately, I left the chair in Korea (I am in the US now) and do not know much about the spec. I asked my friend to measure some important spec. What I know about this chair are front height = 18", rear height = 16", wheel size = 25", seat size = 15x15. I calculate other measures based on the picture.

        One of my concerns is dump. My friend measured it as 2" difference between front and rear heights but I cannot feel confident with it. Do you see the dump is 2 inches? Sorry for the dumb question. I did not know nothing about chair measurement until three months ago when I decided to buy a new one. Feel as if I give you a puzzle. ^^

        3. Seat height

        A local DME's measure for me was 16.5 (front) and 14.5 (rear). My A4 is 18(front) and 16(rear) which has a low cushion, I think 1.5".
        Thus, I will go with 17(front) and 15(rear) for safe result. If seat is too high or low, I can adjust a half inch up or down.
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          1. I see no way to adjust front seat heights other than replacing caster forks or using smaller casters.
          2. photos won't open on my computer. But be careful if you are increasing camber and not compensating for it. You could get squeezed in.
          3. If your old chair was comfortable at those measurements why are you trusting the DME measurements?
          I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.