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Which Basketball wheelchair: I want your 2 cents and more.

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    Which Basketball wheelchair: I want your 2 cents and more.

    I thinking of going for the CAF grant for a basketball wheelchair.

    But which chair? and what are the best sites to look at for basketball chairs?

    At the moment I using the spare standby chairs and modifying them with plywood and gait belts to make them work etc.
    I am being seduced by the prospect of being able to use the chair for Tennis too pros/cons ? just so many tennis courts around and seems like it would be good exercise etc. and justification for more space for another chair if I could use it for tennis and basket ball etc.

    For basket ball what are the rules of the thumb that folks follow?

    I'm T4 - 6' : 220lbs 18"wide seat, 17" deep, need really good back support.

    Leaning towards 26" wheels.

    How do you decide how much camber you want.

    Do you go with similar dump to your regular chair? more/less?

    How adjustable ?

    Any thoughts, suggestions, pointers and what to avoid etc.


    i just bought my bespoke chair from RGK its an Elite, i got measured by them and took thier input in what i needed and its great, im T6 and have 25" wheels, i think 26 might be too big, it has an ergo seat not sure on the dump but at a guess its 2"? so its more than my everyday chair and the backrest is slightly higher than m day chair, i believe it has 16 deg camber which i think he said was the usual amount, heres a few pics so you can see.
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      That's a sweet looking chair.

      Looks like RGK is just a UK company.

      looking for US options.


        Pretty cool looking.


          Yeah seems so but you never know they might ship out if you can fill an order form in with your measurements, the dump in that chair about is insane and out of all the chair links you posted the colors zephyr sport looks decent, obviously the more adjustable things you have on it the heavier it gets, but i have no experience with any of those makes of chair, only with RGK's