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Going camping. Manual chair. Front caster ideas??

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    Going camping. Manual chair. Front caster ideas??

    Good morning and happy sunday to you all.

    Quick summary about me and my chair, in case that helps inspire ideas
    • Mid 30s
    • Strong para
    • Ti-Lite TX (folding manual chair)

    I am going camping next weekend in Central Florida. I've upgraded the rear wheels to some HUGE mountain bike tires (2" wide). Should be able to handle the dirt, mud and debris pretty well. These things are monsters!

    But, the front casters... I need some ideas here. I currently have 5" x 1.5" casters installed. Not ideal for the great outdoors.

    I looked into getting a FREEWHEEL, but the price of that plus the adapter I'd need are over $600 new. Anyone got a used one for sale?

    I'm thinking about taking some power chair casters and forks (6" or 8" x 2") and installing those but I'm not sure if that's even possible. Will the bolt diameter and length be compatible with my manual folding chair?

    What have you guys done to deal with the out doors in a manual chair?

    I live on a farm and I've been using a Free Wheel all the time for the last four or five years. It seems like a lot of money but I think it's worth every penny


      i went camping not that long ago and had big beefy tyres on the rear but only had 4" castors on the front on frogslegs, i used the freewheel alot but even without the freewheel on it moved around suprisingly well, depending on the terrain it might not be as bad as you think, but i was leaning back alot as to keep as much weight off the front as possible but it worked


        Do you think FrogLegs would work as more affordable option?


          get the Free Wheel, awesome outdoors. got one for Yellowstone and now i use it all the time.


            What type of camping are you doing?

            I go car camping all the time, often on my own, but it's the type of camping where it's like 40 feet at most from my car door to the campsite. I just use my ZRA with 3" casters and schwalbe marathons. You gotta pick the right spot obviously (not super steep, not super sandy), but it's never very difficult. I wheelie a lot... like I might grab a tent out of the trunk, pop it on my lap and wheelie the whole way down to where I want to set the tent up and wheelie from tent stake to tent stake depending on how soft the ground is.

            If you're halfway decent at getting around in a wheelie, I wouldn't bother trying to sort out some extra large casters, the benefit on soft ground isn't going to be that great. And (at least in my mind) Central Florida is pretty darn flat, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about getting up and down super steep hills.

            A freewheel would probably be awesome, and when I can justify spending the money for one, I probably will, but right now it's not a feasible option for me.


              It depends how good you are at wheelies. I don't wheelie well other than jumping thresholds. So in a forestry or rough terrian situation I prefer 8 inch pneumatic. I also have 6 inch pneumatic, but they are not enough, and the 7 inch hard rubber ones aren't much better. As for your power chair question, I have considered the same thing and learned that at least some or most do have 1/2 inch steering axles like manual wheelchairs do. However as I started to say if you are good at wheelies, try your existing 5 inchers. For you, they may be fine. If not, save up and get a Freewheel. I use a three wheel wheelchair most of the time out of doors.
              I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.