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    Reel mower adapter

    Has anyone fabricated any sort of bracket for their power chair to push a reel mower? Now that my wife and I have a baby boy and she is the only one helping around the house, I thought it would be nice for me to be able to mow the grass instead of having her do it. I have a Permobil C500 and have thought of a couple ideas that should work, but was curious to know what you guys have made or seen?

    I found it much easier to pull the mower than push it. Unless you have a pristine lawn with really low grass, the mower tends to get stuck now and then. It is REALLY hard to push it through when it gets stuck. Since you aren't tall enough, you aren't pushing down, thus, when it gets stuck, you just end up rotating the handle over the front wheel, rather than pushing it through the cut. But, particularly if you have a weighty mower like the mclanes, you can pull it very easily. If your mower has anything in FRONT of the drive whee axles, then you can attach ropes to those points and clip the ropes to some low points (I used my anti-tip wheels) on the back of your chair. If the ropes are fairly short (2 feet or so), the mower just follows you around. If you have a lighter mower, you might want to add weight to it to keep it from skipping over the grass.

    Or, you can get something like this:
    C-6/7 incomplete