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ADI backs - Can they be ordered shorter? Also car questions.

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  • ADI backs - Can they be ordered shorter? Also car questions.


    I have been looking into ADI CF backs for a while but the ''low'' option seems to be a bit too tall - I have a 13X13 TR with the back set at 8.5'' - almost 100% certain a 10'' back would be too tall if you factor in that this is just the shell and my 3'' Ride cushion. Their site says: ''* Support height measurements are based on the height of the shell. Cushion and cover add approximately 2″'. It certainly wouldn't have any adjustability if it fit somehow. I remember seeing a pediatric Tilite picture somewhere with a pink ADI back that was clearly smaller than the lowest option they have on their website (I don't want it pink but lower would be nice!). Do you have any idea if you're able to request something like that or does it cost significantly more?

    Also, does it add a lot of weight and how do you load your chair into the car? Do you take it off the chair (ie. would I be better off getting quick release option or fixed) or leave it? Currently I just pop the rear wheels off and pass the entire chair including cushion over to the passenger side. I would rather not have to fumble to take the back off in winter in -40oC weather with frozen fingers.

    My only other option it seems would be the Jay Zip pediatric back, they say a 12X12 back weighs in at 2.5 lbs with hardware, so I don't know. How much does the ADI weigh with hardware? Edit: Found approx weights:

    If anyone has used it, please chime in! Thanks.
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    when i switched from fabric to a hard back(J2), it was not too different as far as putting it in the car
    and i pull my chair into my car over my belly also

    and you have a little leeway up and down on your uprights
    just mount it lower


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      You can get a custom height ADI back made (contact them for details). They weren't able to bill my insurance, though, because of the custom factor.