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Looking for electronic leg bag valve

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  • Looking for electronic leg bag valve


    I've looked through several pages of this form and I don't find any information on electronic leg bag emptier or valves. I've looked at the strawberry tech but I can't get any reply from them. Are there any other devices that people if used than actually work well and don't become clogged and leak? I don't have much use of my hands, C4-5, but I think I could do the push button on the strawberry tech. Any suggestions?


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    I don't need one, and don't have any experience, but (remember to price compare - not sure if it is sold elsewhere) -- has a Go-Pee system. I don't know anything about it (or about similar products).

    Good luck!


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      Here are the ones I am familiar with:

      This one is manual, not electric:

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        Here's a couple more:

        No experience w/ either, but Melio had great demo at Expo, pinch emptier is v good approach.

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          Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
          Here are the ones I am familiar with:

          I've been using this one since 2006.

          I've got it attached to my footrest by my heal.

          Each morning when I get into my chair I'll get my attendant to push the drain tube extension through the electric pinch valve.

          Then before I lay down at night I'll get my helper to pull the drain tube extension out of the electric pinch valve.

          It works very good. I drink all the fluids I want to.