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Rockwell JawStand for workshop - usable with a wheelchair?

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    Originally posted by nonoise View Post
    Has anyone done this? A bike is balanced on those clamps, while a chair would have to be held canti lever style and I wonder if the clamp would be strong enough.
    I've thought about that. I don't know any perfect solutions. With wheelchairs/disability equipment, I find I have to experiment and see. Almost nothing is really made for wheelchairs. They're normal to us but to the world in general, they don't have much experience with them. It would be an experiment to try a bike clamp holding all that weight, as you pointed out, cantilevered. If it doesn't work, try some other way. Usually after I make something really complicated and spend a lot of time on it I finally see a really simple solution. Wish life didn't have to be that way ;-)