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  • Rear Wheel Size Preference

    Do you prefer a 24" or 26" rear wheels? Why and/or why not?

    Im asking because Ive been on 24s for years, but recently make the switch to 26s. Just wondering what the pros and cons of each were (from perspectives other than my own)!


    C5-6 - 22 years

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    25" 559... has by far the best tire selection.

    24" was just too small for me, but have both 26" and 25".

    Depends on your size, and the geometry of your body in relation to your chair and pushrims. which push rims basically fit your arms best.

    Downside to 26" wheels is they stick out further from the rear of your chair making your foot print larger, and are heavier, just because there is more material in them.
    A little more awkward when loading the chair into the car by yourself.

    They do roll easier though. Same reason bicycles use larger wheels.


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      I also used 24" wheels for years, around 30, and switched to 25" in my current chair and I have no plan of going back, I MUCH prefer my 25's; better reach/push, I get more out of each push and smoother ride.
      C5-6 Complete - 8/13/1982


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        Spent the majority of my wheeling life on 24" but ordered my Zra with 25" and have been using them for the last 10 years. Going back to 24" for next chair, 24" fit my body and life better


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          I've used 24" wheels since 1992. I have 26" Spinergy wheels on my ZR, and while I like the way the larger wheels look, I mostly don't like the way they function. They feel big and clumsy. They stick out more behind my chair and smack into things when I turn in tight spaces. And they're harder to load in my cars. I can however roll much faster with them once I get started. I have to be careful to allow enough stopping time since I can't stop on a dime with them like the 24s. I think 25s would work well for me too, and I'm willing to give them a try next. (I'm 5'10")


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            Thanks for the advice, everyone. I havent given 25s any thought; I think Ill give them a try!

            C5-6 - 22 years


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              559's because I'm 6'2" AND you can buy tires and tubes CHEAP. I don't live in a city and you can't get traction with skinny 24's. Got rid of 24's and never looked back.



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                559 fits me best, with a 16.5" rear seat height and 72" finger tip to finger tip. Different chair setups and different size people need different size wheels for ideal push strokes.
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