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Just introducing myself, new to the forum

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    Just introducing myself, new to the forum

    Good Morning all,

    I just wanted to introduce myself, I have been reading the forum for some time, and decided to sign in and discuss some topics. Just some things about me, I am a T7 for 1997 motocross accident (17 years old at the time). I am currently a Porsche, Audi, VW sales person outside of Philadelphia. Very active in my community and as active as I can be in adaptive sports. With my experience and background I assist local families (or not local) in assessing home needs, or driving mobility equipment, mentor new SCI patients, and try and get younger patents into adaptive sports.

    List of current equipment

    Tilite TR with 25" spinergy spox with Schwable marathon plus
    Freewheel attachment
    Top End Force 2 handcycle
    Top End Schulte sport chair (mostly for tennis)
    Eagle Sport beach wheelchair (worth its weight in gold)

    Welcome, and kudos for your mentorings.
    TiLite TR3
    Dual-Axle TR3 with RioMobility DragonFly
    I am a person with mild/moderate hexaparesis (impaired movement in 4 limbs, head, & torso) caused by RRMS w/TM C7&T7 incomplete.

    "I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but what I don't think you realize is that what you heard is not what I meant."


      Welcome to the forum. I bought an Audi Q5 and Audi payed for hand controls which was nice of them.


        ]Welcome aboard Scotty!
        I'm 68yo T12, injured 1995. I started Phils Foreign Car Service ( 44 years ago, and did VW/Audi exclusively until they nearly lost it mid 80s. It's so nice to see them restored to prominence!
        In 2000, I developed a hand-contolled 88 GTI 5spd road-race car and ran it quite successfully in the north-east until I wrote it off at Road Atlanta 2004. Unfortunately I was having so much fun and was so engaged with car development that I never mounted a camera in it like I had in my pre-injury race-car, and there are few photos. However, when it was in it's infancy, the Sar Ledger did an article on it: On the Road Again (There used to be photos from the article-don't know where they went)
        In 06 I bought my first (only?) new car, a GTI/0 options/DSG. Between the electronic throttle and the paddle-shifted gearbox it was impossible to resist.
        I fabricated a wonderful set of controls utilizing the possibilities of the electronic throttle: Hand control for newer vehicles with electronic throttles
        So I feel a little related to you already. My last REAL job was Gardner VW in Bernardsville in 1971! What dealer are you at?

        PS: VW reimbursed me for my homemade setup.
        Located a picture of 88 GTI with my daughter at SCCA race, Limerock

        (PSS: I drove the car with a muffler and dealer plate to all my races except Atlanta!)
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        69yo male T12 complete since 1995
        NW NJ