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    All Terrian Wheelchair

    Trying to figure out options to all terrian wheelchair as my 17 year old daughter will be attending a school with a lot of rough terrian (gravel, uneven, hills and grass). I was thinking of getting off terrian wheels for her current chair and new casters, but I have another idea I want to throw past all of you.

    We have an old Tilte YRA chair (second wheelchair). Her current chair is a Tilite Aero Z. Both are 22" wheels.

    She is growing out of both the chairs, but they still currently work for her.

    I'm thinking of out fitting her YRA chair with new outdoor terrian wheels and new casters. We already have a freewheel. This way we have an outdoor wheelchair and her Aero Z can be her indoor wheelchair.

    My main concern is can I get casters and wheels that fit both the YRA and Aero Z as in about a year she will be due for a replacement for her Aero Z and would like to put the off terrian wheels and casters on her Aero Z.

    What type of wheels and casters would you suggest for rough terrian with a freewheel attached? Do all wheels and casters fit all wheelchairs?

    My suggestion is to find one of those "freewheel" attachments for the front so she has the option to remove it in-doors. In my experience I have not seen anything that works well in both terrains and she will spend most of her time indoors so having the bigger front casters 24/7 would not be good.