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  • Fit Grip handrim covers

    I received my Fit Grips about a week ago, and here's a preliminary review.

    There are two versions: the Pro, at $75, is shipping now. The Comfort, at $49.95, is supposed to ship starting in September. I got the Pro in "Caribbean Blue Water", which unlike the picture on the website (at least on my monitor) is a green-ish turquoise.

    Fitting them over the handrims was fairly easy, far easier than, for example, mounting a tire. The side that goes towards the wheel is notched, but because the Fit Grips are intended for any wheel between 24" and 26", the notches do not necessarily line up with the tabs. The Fit Grips cover about 1/2 the circumference of the handrim tube, and can be twisted in or out as the user prefers.

    The good: My goal in getting these is to wean myself off pushing on the tire, and the Fit Grips have definitely helped with that. the Fit Grip surface is similar to the tire's surface, and I am now pushing solely on the handrim most of the time, without getting cramps in my hands as I did when pushing on the naked handrim. I don't feel the need to wear gloves as often, and my hands aren't getting as dirty and roughed up.

    The bad: finding the right alignment is still eluding me a little. The profile includes a sort of hump that I assume is intended to give your thumb a flat place to rest on.

    When I rotate the grips inward (towards the spokes) enough to put the flat surface at the top, the Fit Grips run into the tabs which creates bumps. When I rotate them outward with the idea that the hump is going to go between my thumb and fingers, I wind up flipping the Fit Grips off as I push. I see two solutions to this problem: either use an adhesive that Intelliwheels also provides (called Uber Tack) to nail the Fit Grips down once you know how you want to align them, or cut some slots for the handrim tabs which will help anchor the Fit Grips in place.

    The other bad: it's hard to brake going downhill. I'm starting to figure out that I need to use the underside of the rim, which isn't covered by the Fit Grips, but that's still a work in progress.

    Overall: for $75, compared to several hundred dollars for replacement handrims like Natural Fit or Q-Grip, I'm fairly happy with them so far. I like having clean(er) hands and not constantly putting on and taking off gloves.
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