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Redman Chief - where is the serial number located?

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  • Redman Chief - where is the serial number located?

    Well, the Redman finally broke to the point that they are taking it back to Arizona to "look" at it. I want to take a picture of the serial number or at least write it down before it disappears. Based on our experience with this company, I think they will patch the same chair up and send it back. We do not want this Redman chair - or any Redman chair ever again, so we are getting all of our information together including history of all of the calls made to them and the service calls made on this chair in the 1-1/2 years we have had it to build a case.

    Does anyone know where this serial number might be located? We have done everything except turn the thing on its side and cannot find it.

    Oh, this time it appears that the frame broke and the seat of the chair is basically riding on the right tire. Pieces of metal fell off the chair and landed on the floor. All Danny was doing was exiting his vehicle to go into his work and started spinning in circles. After we went pictures to Redman, the guy there said "It's not as bad as you think - just the motor mount broke." Really? Not as bad as we think? These motors were JUST REPLACED to the tune of $3600 PLUS $187 shipping and $195 service call and now it's no big deal that the one has basically been sheered off due to the mount breaking off? Not to mention the fender and right side is literally riding on top of the wheel!