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Quickie 222SE vs 636SE and Bounder-H Frame

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  • Quickie 222SE vs 636SE and Bounder-H Frame

    Okay. I gave in. I Don't think I have but 5 good years left. Last 2 power chairs have been BounderPlus Classics. So instead of using my friends influence over the HMO I belong to I decided to give in and let him get me a Van and take the chair the DME is offering. A 222SE with tilt or a 636SE with tilt and recline. Both a class 4 chairs but so is the Bounder-H Frame I was pursuing. I have read many good reviews of the 222SE but not much on the 636SE. Also in the dilemma is do I really need Tilt + Recline? Tilt I can see but not sure I need recline.
    I have a small place on my right cheek that breaks down every time I get up. When I say small I mean small. Starts at .1 .2cmL x .1cmW x just separated skin. Each day it will stay that way or gradually get .1-.2cmL x .1cm x .05cmD. I never let it get over .7-8cm L x .3Cm D x .3-4 cm D before I stay off completely. I can see a mental process of the tilt and don't think I need the recline. If I do choose recline it has to be 636SE as this option is not available on the 222SE.
    I have used every cushion except RIDE. Will be trying the new Roho with air gauge. Funny thing is that if I stay up 1 hour or 8 the sore always responds the same. I shift and move a lot. Tried every thing I could think of over the last 6 years. Been a c5 quad for 38 years. 32 were great but the last 6 have been hell. I developed this sore when my J2 went flat. Had an incontinent cover and never saw the goo. NEVER get an incontinent cover unless you are able to have someone check the cushion EVERYDAY...MY BAD! I AM RESPONSABLE!
    One more thing. My DME promised me that if I dropped the push for the Bounder-H he would get me the 222SE. As soon as I told him I was not going to bother my friend (friend just making a phone call to a HMO executive) he waited 2 days to tell me he could not get the 222SE. I reminded him it took me 8 years or so to fight for my first Bounder and I am not to lazy to start the whole process again.
    I like the KISS method and now the DME wants to add things I don't need. Also if the Bounder-H Frame and the 222SE/636SE are Group 4 why can't the Bounder be had. I just could not see my friend pushing the H-Frame through for me and also purchasing a van. To much pride even though he owns a dealership but I asked him to find a good used one.
    Anyway, the DME is in a hurry now where he was dragging his feet. I will not give him an answer for a few days. I go for x-rays Wednesday for a mass in my kidney plus stones that look like a rock garden.
    Any and all answers or opinions welcomed. You guys are my rock and Wikipedia. Donnie Wyatt

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    I think the main advantage of the 222 is that it is a narrower chair. The 636 is 25.75" wide, while the 222 is only 24.5". And if you get the narrow wheel option (I have this), the width drops to about 22". However, since you are used to the Bounder H (25.5") neither chair should be a problem for you. Also, the 222 has some fixed footrest hanger options that look better than swing. On the other hand, the 636 has power elevating footrest options that aren't available on the 222. Basically, in my mind, the 222 was a follow to the P200 series and developed primarily as a performance chair for active users. The 636 was developed following the same MWD/RWD hybrid concept, but added more options to broaden its appeal. This made the chair a bit heavier and wider.

    btw, if you need recline on the 222, I believe you can get an AmySeat although that added cost might be a problem. You also might want to consider the Amypower Alltrack R as another RWD chair.
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      Thanks for the reply Kulea. I was hoping you would be the one to offer the most opinions of the 222SE. After searching CC forums looks as though you have the most experience with the 222SE. I don't think I need to worry about the total width of the chair. My Bounder Classics have 16" wide seats and I have never had trouble getting through any door. I am 6' tall and about 150lbs. The narrow version of the 222SE to my knowledge requires you to use group 22 batteries. I decided the 222 over the 636. Don't need the toys offered by 636. Tilt is good enough. My DME is pushing every option available which would force the 636. My wound care specialist and physical therapist have assured me that from what I can physically do on my own that the recline would seldom be used and so would other options I do not care for. I like the KISS method. That is what really set me off on that initial chase for the Bounder Classic. Durable Simplicity. The tilt and my weight shifts should be enough to keep my nagging little sore at bay. I understand the DME wanting to add every bell and whistle so h can get a bigger piece of pie.

      Besides tilt, solid one piece foot rig, airless tire inserts, group 24 batteries, I am not sure what options I will get. My DME will find them and it's up to me to decide if it is worth the hassle 3-5 years down the road. Almost 30 years of Bounder Classics they -NEVER- went to a shop. I paid for belts, tires, bearings, and batteries. The 222SE looks like a good chair but I don't see it as durable as the 21st. Mr. Kulea, if you have any thing I could use but overlook, please advise me. Oh, I will opt for 9" front tires and not sure about a better back + maybe a headrest. The Roho cushion is higher than the other cushions (J2 overfilled) and make me fill like a limp noodle. Any advice from anyone is welcome. Donnie Wyatt


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        I'm pretty sure the 3" wheels can have group 24 batteries, since that is what I have. I don't see why there would be a difference since the battery box is the same. But, it sounds like you'd rather have the 4" wheels anyway. As far as seating options, that is a much more personal decision. Since I don't use tilt, I just have the standard sling back.

        I have the one-piece foot w/tapered hangers. Since I almost never swing or flip my footrests, then that is fine. I want the shortest chair possible (I am 6'1" with longer legs) and always seemed to have an issue with the casters swinging and hitting my feet or rubbing the footrests. So, I opted for the 8" casters (and another reason for the tapered hangers). So far, I haven't ever ran into any issues with either choice of smaller wheels. I often move my office to the beach park, and set up on the grassy area right next to the sand, which has a lot of soft sand covering the grass, and I haven't had any problems. But, if you often are going fast over bumpy terrain or pavement w/cracks, then the 9" casters would definitely be the better choice. My solution is to just keep the chair balanced so that the casters are barely floating on the ground when I am at top speed. If I see a crack, I only have to throw my head back to wheelie over the crack.

        I got the swing away joystick which works great and I use it all the time to get closer to tables, etc. I have used the Jay 2, Jay 3 deep contour, Roho/Jay Hybrid and Stimulite Contour XS. I now am using the Comfort Company VectorX version of the Vicair. This seems to be the best for me of the bunch. It provides better positioning, but using all air rather than foam. The hard foam always causes me a pressure point as my butt wants to slide forward. And the many chambers of the VectorX provides much more customization that any Roho, and you don't have to keep monitoring the air pressure and re-inflating, like you do on the Roho.
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          Oh, and my DME put some clamps on the hangers. This prevents the leg strap from sliding down to my heels, where my feet will just climb over the strap. The clamps sit below the strap keeping it at ankle/calf height.
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            Hi, Just thought I'd throw in a bit, too.
            I have had 2 of the 21st Century Big Bounder H-frames. Both went with that added heavy duty option for stronger/heavier build. Both chairs had powered seating tilt, recline and legrests.

            Sorry, I know nothing about the Quickie chairs you posted about considering as replacement.

            Did the seating evaluation for new chair abit over 2 1/2 years ago and they recommended acouple different chairs.
            Ended up picking out of demos a AmySystem Alltrack-R HD model. Kinda figured stick with rearwheel drive. Plus went with upgrade to HD hoping be better built, another hold over on my H-frame past. Also got upgrade of Group 24 batteries that added extra 2" to overall base width. I've really enjoyed the Amy, it's smaller and lighter than my H-frames but well built. It has basically same seating options power tilt, recline and except footrest have the powered articulating footboard instead of separate powered legrests. I don't use strap for leg placement so don't know how that would work for you. I use thigh pad supports bilaterally with works for me, knock wood.
            Seat cushions I got my first ROHO after rear end surgery back over 18 years ago. Started with ROHO acouple days after surgery then replaced chair at that time with first H-frame with power seating. Think powered seating has helped a lot.
            Since my Amy I picked up another one of chair models my seating lady had recommended at time of my last new chair, a Quantum Q6 Edge, it's a centerwheel drive. It took a bit to get use to different drive setup. It only has power recline with articulating footboard. Really wish it had tilt because I found it is great for weight shift/pressure relief! It's got narrower base footprint and maneuverability is great! Course that maneuverability took me awhile to get to since has that extra set of wheels out in front.

            Backrest, I had abscess before on back which took while heal years ago, coupled with back problems. On Edge I have Ottobock Back 2 it's got rolls of "floam packs" that you have several sizes in each roll selected to more custom fit your back for support. It has built in side wings for back alignment/support.

            Sorry, I'm long winded! But lastly if you have not done a demo of chairs you are considering, do one. Get your DME to get a company rep bring you one for at least a quick demo or better yet leave it with you 2 or 3 days to use in your daily activities so you will know how it will perform for you!

            I would highly suggest at least demoing the chairs you are considering but also request at least one of chairs be equipped with all fully powered seating systems that your seating folks are recommending for you. And use it to see/feel the difference on your body.

            "Good Luck!"


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              Thanks for all the advice.
              Kulea, I am ordering with 9" casters, 4" wide wheels, swing away joystick also fixed foot hanger. It's funny that you are using a Comfort Company VectorX. My DME has been pushing a Vicair at me. I will see if he has one I can test. I was leaning to the new ROHO with air gauge but I am scared as hell about ROHO. My help does not understand the importance of checking the cushion daily. The new air gauge could ease my mind a little.
              Mike, the DME's first chair to show me was the AmySystems R. I could not find much info but they sure look electronically like Quickies. He had one I could test but the seat was 22' wide and I use a 16". So it would have been no justice for the chair.
              One minor thing. I always said I was going to get a White Wheelchair before I die. I expect this to be my last. Wouldn't you know Quickie makes every color but WHITE! They have Pearl and a color called glow that is sort of White. It's not a deal breaker but I am bummed. donnie


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                Hi rollin

                I have an Amy R it is a good chair, I have not been using it due to fitment concerns with some equipment I use. Have you looked at the V6 Frontier

                Where in Fl are you? I am in SRQ.


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                  I'm in Plant City. Winter Strawberry Capitol of the World - now Yankee town, trailer parks. and subdivisions.
                  I liked the Amy R's looks (which is not really a factor) but I was more concerned about getting parts. I got spoiled by the Bounder and getting anything I needed from any autoshop chain. I have not checked out the Frontier. Unless I am in the house I spend 90% outside. Not much of a Town person. I have mastered the FL heat and humidity.


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                    My DME has pulled a fast one. He has been trying to get me to get every option in the book. We agreed 222SE and tilt. He has talked my case manager into believing I need tilt /recline/ and every whistle. That means 636 as the options are simple tilt on the 222SE. It's not that I need them know he has her convinced I will need them in a few years. He agreed on the SE Package and know has her against it. I'm pissed. d