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    I've been a ROHO user for years, and had always used a cover on it until several years ago when I did not notice my cushion had deflated, which resulted in a nasty sore. Since then, I have left the cushion cover off, so I can always see the bubbles. Does this take away from the effectiveness of the cushion at all?

    The cover needs to be on the cushion to keep the cells together so the cushion works properly! I would feel the cushion before you sit on it to make sure all the chambers are inflated! REMEMBER!! Depending on how high your cushion is, your iscials need to be approximately 1'' from the seat bottom!


      Agree! You need to use the cover.

      From the Roho website, FAQs:
      Can I use my ROHO? cushion without a cover?

      It’s true that anything that you place over a ROHO cushion — or any cushion — can interfere with its effectiveness. ROHO cushions work by increasing the contact area through immersion and envelopment when you sink into the product, redistributing weight so there are limited peak pressures. Anything placed between you and the cushion, even a ROHO cover, can limit that immersion and envelopment by increasing surface tension and makes it more difficult to effectively sink into the cushion. ROHO has gone to great lengths to provide covers that allow immersion with the least amount of surface tension created. From a scientific standpoint, ROHO cushion inventor Robert Graebe would recommend a ROHO cushion, with the exception of Air/Foam combination cushions, be used without the cover.
      Our covers are made so that there is little, if any, interference with pressure distribution, immersion and envelopment. When other products are used instead of ROHO provided covers, surface tension increases and the cushion may be less effective.
      Bottom line: Can a ROHO cushion be used without a cover? All Air/Foam combination cushions must be used with their ROHO cover. All other cushions may be used without the supplied cover, especially if there is no risk that the cells will be caught in something. Should the cushion be used with something other than ROHO covers? No.

      All the best,


        I work for a wheelchair service and issue Roho cushions. Sometimes with a cover and sometimes without.

        The main reason for issuing a cover would be if some cells are escaping between the seat and back canvases, or for aesthetic reasons. If the lack of cover isn't causing any issues then you get better immersion and can see if there's a problem more easily without the cover.