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powder to remove odors

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    powder to remove odors


    I just come across an youtube video about pooping habits from around the world, in which they say that in USA the visitors of national parks have to carry bags that contain a powder which help in odors removal. What powder is about?

    This applies only to people who are hiking or backpacking in the back country in our national parks, not to casual visitors who are driving into parks and using campgrounds or day facilities! They still have toilets and outhouses available to them.

    For packing out waste, which has been required in some parks for some time (but now is going to be required for all National Parks), the two leading companies for making these disposable bag-and-powder kits are WAG and Restop 2. They contain a powder which gels the liquid and cuts down odor. They are not cheap. Here is one version of the WAG bag: . Here is the site for the Restop 2:

    None of these companies sell the powder separately from the kits, nor do they go into detail about what the powder is made of...most likely a trade secret.

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