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    I'm looking to get a pool lift. The pool company wants to charge a fortune to install their brand. I'm looking at an Aqua lift on spinlife for 2800. Looks like it will do the job. It has a rechargeable battery...think that will be ok? I'd have to have someone install it but it can't be that difficult to put four anchors into concrete. I just can't see paying a couple thousand dollars more. Anyone have a recommendation for a pool lift? Thanks

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    I think I found the lift on Spinlife you like. The battery is a lead acid which should be fine as long as you follow directions to keep it charged. As for installation, it may be simple as you say or not depending on your deck. You may need to cut out a chunk in order to have a sufficently large enough anchor section if your deck is too thin and weak. See page 7 and see page 10 about the battery.
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