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Lawn mower for power chair

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    Lawn mower for power chair

    Does anybody have any experience with the ProMow Reel Mower For Power Chairs? I have been looking for a long time for a mower that I can attach to my electric wheelchair. I recently stumbled upon this one, but since is quite pricey, I'm reluctant to buy it without more information or without feedback from someone who has firsthand experience with this mower.

    I would just buy a reel mower, cut the handle down, and fasten a tow rope or chain to it. Much cheaper and the same thing. Because of the large turn radius its use seems limited.

    On thinking about this it may be more of a job to convert a regular mower than I indicated above. It has been 60+ years since I was behind a push reel-type mower. If my memory serves me well I think there were stops that prevented the handle from going more than 90 degrees or straight up. It would not go into the pull position. One might have to modify the handle mounting arrangement to deal with that problem.

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    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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      I used to pull a reel mower around. I pushed a cheap mower from HD, but once the grass started to get taller or thick it would get stuck. So, I tried towing it with rope. The problem was that it was too light, and only had two wheels, so it would just flip over. So, then I got a nice Mclane. The Mclane is much heavier, with small wheels in front of the blades that guide the cutting height. That worked very well. The issues:

      1. You need a heavier mower, because you aren't pushing it down. If it isn't heavy, it can skip.
      2. The blades have to be VERY sharp, or the mower will get stuck.
      3. You have to mow OFTEN, because once the grass grows too much, you won't be able to mow it (the mower will get stuck). I mowed twice a week (this is Hawaii). The longer you wait, the harder it gets.
      4. As with all reel mowers, you must keep the grass much lower (like a golf course fairway), the ground has to be fairly level, and the grass has to be pretty nice turf grass and fairly weed free.
      5. It is hard to get the edges and near obstacles because the blades are inside of the wheels (except on the Mclane).
      6. It is much easier to get going at a good clip and keep going. Starting and stopping is a pain. A spiral pattern works much better than back and forth.
      7. Ditch the grass catcher. If you mow often, the clippings just mulch.
      8. It doesn't work at all with wet grass.
      9. Anything in the lawn, like a twig can get caught in the blades and can nick them, which will cause you problems.
      10. It really taxes your motors. The harder it is to move the mower, the more you are killing your motors. If you let the grass grow, your motors will die a quick death. Also, be warned, when my lawn was thick, I would trip the circuit breaker in the electronics because they were over heating from too much amperage. Since I was alone, I would have to wait out in the sun, stuck until they cooled off.

      Besides the Mclane, it looks like the Fiskars 18 inch would work, because it has wheels in front of the blades.
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        This guy is just pulling a regular power rotary mower (without drive, I presume)

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