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Bounder H-rame  High Volume Low Pressure Off-Road package or ?

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  • Bounder H-rame  High Volume Low Pressure Off-Road package or ?

    It's put up or shut up time. If I want one it's mine. I do live the rural life. C5 quad since April 1, 1977. I could have had this chair months ago but had physical issues that put this on the back burner. I like/love the woods but could probably get it done with a less muscle head chair. Also, I have a 16" wide BounderPluss Classic. But an H-Frame with the low pressure tires it would be a squeaker to load it in my old Ford F150 van and at 6' I have to bend over in my BounderPlus Classic to load up. The Off-Road Package is higher. My friend has went to a lot to put me in position to get this chair. I don't want to let hem down. This will probably be my last wheelchair. I don't see myself as 70+ and wheelchair shopping. It's hard enough keeping up with changes in Medicare and how to bend the rules now. Fast forward 10 years and I don't see it getting easier.

    What other chairs should I consider besides The H-Frame ORP? My friend gets off vacation April 2 and is ready to get busy. 38 years he has been trying to do something for me so I am letting him now. I knew if I ever let him he would not stop. He is the kind of friend every sick person needs. No pats on the back or anything special. Just someone who has the means and business savvy to get it done.

    Other options would be tilt and the Super Torque 4M motors.

    I would like to hear from anyone who has an H-Frame but not the ORP. I weigh about 150 and am 6'. I am sure I could get good results with out the full Off Road Package but the classic I have has 0 torque. I could go through the woods to visit my grandmother but I always planned ahead so as not to let myself get into a position where brute strength was needed to get out of sand or mud. donnie

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    Can you transfer easily enough? And this sounds like a silly question, but can the H-Frame ORB be operated without sitting in it? I ask because you could get a small trailer for your van and load the Bounder on it, either independently, with help or by transferring from any old chair.
    I'm surprised your classic has zero torque. Is it working correctly?
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.


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      Hi, I have had pleasure of having in the past 2 H-Frame Big Bounders by 21st Century Scientific. First one lasted over 10 years til had a power modular go bad. Due to age the DME recommended new chair. No hesitation my next chair was another H-Frame.
      Both had full powered seating, tilt, recline and legrests.
      Granted I ever had Off Road Package and I stick to smooth level surfaces. So I have no clue about off road usage.
      They are built like a rock! Heavy duty would be an under statement! By far the best built chair I have ever had prior to them!
      Torque, my first entry to our home with first H-frame I caught edge of seat on door facing going through front door. Took the facing off from floor to top of door frame!
      I watched our DME while he was loading my first H-Frame into van for delivery to lift shop, we were having new lift installed. He was walking it up ramp, gave to much power and the 8' ramp shot out from the torque. He said he had never had a chair do that before.
      Also, they are heavy! DME said they weighed about 400lbs for chair without rider. This you may want to assure your lift plus you will handle. Also, like you posted about height issues. The seat height is a bit tall and coupled with your 6' that is possibly going to be an issue, too!

      If you have not checked these out you might look at them, with issue of seating height and van entrances.
      My current main chair is a AmySystem AllTrack R-HD with powered tilt, recline and articulating footboard. Have had it about 3 years now. DME and seating people recommended it and since they always been great about service/advice I went with it.
      AllTrack R is suppose to do well in all terrains. They have several videos on YouTube.
      My main backup is a Pride Quantum Q6 Edge and I often use it for places know will be close quarters due to it's narrow width and great maneuverability.

      I hope you find the chair that will meet your needs/requirements. I don't know your area so don't know about Demos of chairs in your location.
      But, I went with H-Frame due to recommendations from lift shop and DME due to 21st Century Scientifics history of durability and from info on them on WheelchairJunkie.
      If at all possible try as many chairs as you can! Test them in your locations of daily activities. Here DME's always been great if they don't have chair in stock the will get Manufacture's Rep to bring chair out for you to demo.

      "Good Luck!"


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        No I cannot transfer easy. I am thin and use a 16" wide chair. If the tires don't stick out much a transfer from bed would be easy. Could always use my Bounder Classic for everyday chair. d

        btw my dme is pushing the amysystems r on me. has one in stock that I will try. I like belt driven chairs. less wear on the motors. 2 bounder classics over 25 years and they never saw a repair shop. d
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