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Going down the rabbit choosing a Phoenix AZ DME?

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  • Going down the rabbit choosing a Phoenix AZ DME?

    Thank you in advance,
    Getting my first new chair in (yikes) 14yrs. I'm looking at a Tilite TRA w/Smart Drive, I've already talked to the local Smart Drive rep. Having dealt with poor DME experiences in the past, I know the "on top of it" attitude one wants w/DME. I have BCBS. I've only dealt w/out of state DME, no one local, any experience? My Pt "kind of" gave me a choice at my seating appt. Nu Motion and National Seating, which if I understand it are really the same company? He also gave me Southwest medical & Rehab "if I wanted a smaller company, because some people like that".
    I'd rather not just pick a name out of a hat if at all possible.

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    Stay away from Nat'l Seating. ABSOLUTELY horrible company. I'm going rounds with them now for a new cushion that was ordered last June and I still have yet to receive it. They screwed up my order so bad all the items ordered were ordered again because my case was turned over to another DME last August. I have contacted Carol, CEO in Tenn. and she likes giving the run around like everyone else. I will be victorious in the end though. I am not letting them get one out on me.


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      I've usedNu Motion before and they've come through pretty good every time. There is also a company called Leeden Wheelchair Lift and Sport. I'm not sure they deal with insurance too much but the supply the rugby chairs out here. I did, a long time ago, get a pair of emotion wheels through them. Insurance but I think that was 10 years ago. They're very friendly
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