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2004-2009 Prius owners, Does a Rigid fit in the trunk?

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    2004-2009 Prius owners, Does a Rigid fit in the trunk?

    Thank you in advance fellow hypermilers! I've only had experiences w/folding chairs attached w/hitch to my Prius, I'd like to move to a rigid, but I have a active family and there are times my chair would go in the trunk of my 2004 Prius. I had my meet and greet with my seating eval team today, nothing official, of the 2 chairs there, the 15wide Tilite fit best, (16 was too big I have no idea what the difference was). Does anyone have experience in these model years with rigids in the trunk? I believe 2004-2009 have the same trunk space, and that's why I've included those years.

    I don't have a Toyota Prius, but I would say that your chair dimensions can vary quite a bit. It's probably better to measure your anticipated chair (and/or a chair that you know would be larger) and then measure the trunk. Things like seat height, front frame angle, types of anti tips, and fold down back type can all make a difference. IMO, having both a dual-tube frame chair (as a TiLite TR or TRA would be) and an open frame (as a Tilite ZR or ZRA would be) - makes a difference, too.

    I have a Quickie Ti with (probably) 85* degree front frame angle, 16 x 16, don't think it has any extra front frame length either...and it flips over my lap into a Subaru Forester front or backseat easily, sitting on the seats like a person. I have also fit it and a Quickie R2 in the back cargo area, wheels behind driver's seat, two dogs in backseat and two humans in front.

    The Quickie Ti fits in my Subaru much better than the Quickie R2, 16 x 17, 1-2 inches of extra front frame, with 24.5 inches of overall frame length. My R2 generally goes in the back semi-assembled (anti tips on, seat back folded down, armrests / sideguards off), wheels between window and chair.

    My Quickie Ti is 22.5 inches overall frame length, and everything can fold down and come off and fit in the passenger seat / footwell, including my backpack. The wheels go in the backseat behind the driver seat (I also transport a service dog, so I don't have the ability to put the chair on the backseat like some people do, unless I cram the pup). But I will happily accommodate for the dog!!!

    I'd see how tight you can fold that chair down, and get pictures and dimensions, then go visit your Prius (assuming you have one) - or a car dealer with one in stock. Generally a used car dealership will let you get measurements without an issue, at least in my community. Just kinda walk out to the vehicle in question with a measuring tape and start...a salesperson may target you shortly and just say, "taking some measurements, seeing if things fit" -- if needed, and your kids are old enough to help (as long as they don't think this is a cool game - they know better than to do it later) - have the kids climb in and get measurements with the top closed! Just be sure to release the kids momentarily.

    Good luck!


      Thanks Mystery,
      Yea, I get type A when it comes to gear, I was about to take apart the demo chair at PT for measurements, but by then the room was full and it didn't seem the time for me to play operation with a Tilite for the first time. I had a nightmare last night that I came back to PT w/DME as a judge asking for a chair decision there and then, pretty telling huh?


        Fit my TiLite AeroZ with E-Motion power assist wheels still attached to frame (18x18 seat size) in back of a friend's Prius. We couldn't get the wheels to release so flipped down back and turned chair on side (laying on a wheel) and my chair just fit in the 'trunk's


          Ask your seating assessment people if you can pop back to trial their assessment chair in your car before you make a final decision? I work in an NHS wheelchair service and we encourage people to do this if they aren't sure. It's better to find out now if it's going to be a problem.