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    EMC Aevit

    I found these forums while looking up my hand controls. I was wondering if you guys could chip in on any experiences you have had. I am 28 years old and I have scoliosis and arthrogryposis. I have full use of right arm, but somewhat limited use of left arm and legs. I am currently independent have have a modified Honda Grand Caravan. For now my car has an Aevit 1.0 system for electronic gas/brake and effortless steering. The state helped me get the hand controls and said that they would assist in replacing them every 10 years or 100k miles. I'm at 75k now and now the state is saying they may not help me with mods. I personally think I could steer with regular hand controls not the expensive Aevit system and will be re-evaluated to be sure. Here are my questions for any of you that have had an Aevit system:

    1) How did you pay for them? or did you get assistance? I have been quoted 40k for the hand controls alone and that on top of ramp and van itself total around 100k. I do not see a way for me to save up that much every 10 years.
    2) When you guys get maintenance on it how long does it take? For me every time the car has had to go in for something I have to find other means of transportation for 2 months. This is difficult when you work on an air force base and live in another town 20 min away.
    3) What happens when you pass 100k? They wouldn't answer when I asked the people who modified it. I don't imagine it will suddenly cease functioning.

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    From what I know, the system will function after 10 year 100,000 mile limit. The mfg may not support any repairs by supplying parts. I have heard that in some cases you can extend the years and mileage support when it nears expiration for a fee.